Sync BlackBerry Mercury with Outlook in a Few Clicks

Sync BlackBerry Mercury with Outlook in a Few Clicks

This year has been exciting for BlackBerry as the company finalizes plans to release a trio of new devices. The three new models will reach the market in 2016, and BlackBerry Mercury is one them. This means BlackBerry fans can now switch to another device within the BlackBerry family.

BlackBerry Mercury

Apart from its easy functionality, pocket-friendly price, and sophisticated design, BlackBerry Mercury will provide its owners with quality hardware. For those BlackBerry users who rely on Outlook for managing their schedule and tasks, we offer an easy way to sync BlackBerry Mercury with Outlook, using AkrutoSync. Our software enables two-way synchronization with no synced information reaching the Cloud. This means your personal, sensitive data cannot be stolen or compromised.

Syncing BlackBerry Mercury with Outlook Contacts

One of AkrutoSync’s most widely used functions is syncing Outlook Contacts with the contacts app of Blackberry Mercury. It saves you considerable time and effort since your entire Outlook contact list can be imported to BlackBerry Mercury in just a few minutes rather than a 30-minute (or longer) manual process. The syncing process is secured with an SSL certificate, ensuring none of your sensitive data is stored anywhere but your PC.

To start syncing Outlook Contacts with Blackberry Mercury only requires installing AkrutoSync on your PC, using a simple setup process. During setup, select the appropriate Contacts folder and click Save. The entire setup process takes no more than 5 minutes, and allows you to transfer all of your Outlook Contacts to your smartphone.

The Process of Syncing BlackBerry Mercury with Outlook Calendar

There is no significant difference in the process of syncing Outlook Calendar with BlackBerry Mercury. At the beginning of the syncing process choose the folder entitled Calendar to have all your events and appointments synced with your phone or tablet. As such, you will have access to your Outlook Calendar and scheduled events on BlackBerry Mercury, and will be able to manage this data from the screen of your BlackBerry device. More importantly, any change made in your Outlook Calendar either on your PC or through BlackBerry Mercury, will be saved and reflected on each connected device.

Sync Outlook Notes with BlackBerry smartphone

AkrutoSync’s functionality is not limited to syncing Outlook Contacts and Calendar. Our software can also be used to sync Outlook Notes with BlackBerry devices as well. However, the process requires using additional applications since BlackBerry Mercury doesn’t come with a built-in app for managing notes. You can use Tasks and Notes for Microsoft Exchange or TouchDown, both of which are compatible with AkrytoSync and work perfectly on BlackBerry Mercury.

Syncing BlackBerry Mercury with Outlook Tasks

Similar to synchronization of Outlook Notes with BlackBerry Mercury, syncing tasks with your smartphone can be performed using MS Exchange or TouchDown. With AkrutoSync you are not only able to monitor all of the tasks on your Outlook list, but also create new tasks and have them reflected on your desktop running Outlook.


Q: Can AkrutoSync accurately transfer 3000 contacts from Outlook to BlackBerry Mercury so that each contact is transferred with its profile picture?
A: Yes, AkrutoSync can transfer all types of data including the contact pictures and contact notes.

Q: If I sync my BlackBerry Mercury with my Outlook 2010, will I be able to continue syncing after switching to a new smartphone?
A: Our software supports any Android, iOS or Windows Phone device that is currently available on the market.

Q: Where is my information is stored when I sync Outlook Contacts with BlackBerry Mercury?
A: Your information is stored only on your computer. AkrutoSync works without using Cloud storage or storing your personal data on 3rd party servers.

Q: How is my sensitive data protected from internet scams when I sync Outlook Notes with BlackBerry Mercury?
A: AkrutoSync protects Outlook data with an SSL certificate, allowing only authorized devices to connect to your Outlook.

Q: How can I disable the Outlook Tasks sync with BlackBerry Mercury?
A: To do that you will need to reconfigure AkrutoSync, and disable syncing Notes, at the beginning of the setup process.

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  • Candy December 2, 2017 at 11:59 am

    I have more than 10,000 records in my calendar. I’m doing the sync now using the free version.
    Does it really take long? I timed it, 10 records per minute. How can this be faster?

    • Akruto Support December 3, 2017 at 10:56 am

      You have several options. Your first option is to just wait for the first sync to complete. Only the first sync transfers your entire calendar (which is huge in your case). Subsequent syncs will transfer only newly added or modified data, so they will be very fast. Another option is to use Outlook archive feature to archive your old appointments. You will still see them in Outlook, but they won’t be in your main calendar, so they won’t sync to your phone. This is a good option if you don’t need your old appointments on your phone and want to save some storage space on your phone in addition to speeding up sync. A third option is to tweak AkrutoSync to send more records then the phone asks for. It sounds like your phone only requests 10 records at a time and only does this infrequently. You can tweak AkrutoSync to send more records than the phone asks for (say 50 at a time, even if the phone asks for 10). This third option will make sync go several times faster, but theoretically some phones may not be prepared to handle more items then they asked for, so I am not going to post it in a public forum. Contact Akruto support if you want details.