Sync LG G6 with Outlook without the Cloud

Sync LG G6 with Outlook without the Cloud

The LG G6 is one of the first devices in 2017’s lineup, and has proven itself as a highly anticipated model among LG fans. Syncing LG G6 with Outlook should be easy, but it’s not—especially when you don’t want to store your data in Google or in any other Cloud. Most big brands push their users to adopt the Cloud without giving proper attention to cloud-free syncing alternatives. LG is not an exception, providing no support for syncing desktop Outlook with its new G6 flagship.


How to Sync LG G6 with Outlook Calendar

If you are an Outlook power user and want to synchronize Outlook Calendar with LG G6, one of the best ways to do this is with AkrutoSync. AkrutoSync enables you to sync your Outlook Calendar with the default LG G6 calendar app. This is the most convenient way of managing your calendar events because you don’t have to switch between the apps when checking data from another calendar.

With AkrutoSync, you can transfer all past and current calendar events and appointments from Outlook to LG G6. After the initial setup, you will have wireless two-way data transfer between your G6 and Outlook. That means every change you make on desktop Outlook calendar will be automatically transferred to the calendar app of your LG G6, and vice versa.

Syncing Contacts between LG G6 and Outlook Over the Air

If you want to sync Outlook contacts with LG G6, but don’t want to spend hours on manual input, AkrutoSync can help as well. Out software can transfer contacts from Outlook directly to the native contacts app of your G6. You have the ability to sync Outlook data in bulk or transfer only your contacts. If you only want to transfer contacts, specify that in the AkrutoSync interface when asked to choose the type of data for transfer.

What’s great about AkrutoSync is its ability to transfer contact pictures and contact notes to the address book of your LG G5, meaning there’s no need to assign pictures to all new contacts transferred from Outlook.

Automatically sync LG G6 with Outlook Tasks

Outlook Tasks is a part of the MS Outlook default package, still commonly used for tasks management because it’s part of MS Outlook environment. However, most Android smartphones come without a pre-installed tasks managing app. In this case having Outlook tasks on your smartphone is imperative so you are still able to transfer this data. Here you have to two options:

  1. Tasks and Notes for MS Exchange—$4.99 for all of your Android devices, with a fully functional 14-day trial.
  2. TouchDown app—free alternative for working with Outlook Tasks.

Both applications are good for syncing Outlook tasks, and perfectly supported by AkrtuoSync.

The Best Way to Sync Outlook Notes with Your New LG G6

If you want to sync Outlook Notes with your smartphone, you will need to install one of the apps discussed above. Tasks and Notes for MS Exchange or TouchDown app are a perfect way to manage Outlook Notes on your LG G6.

If you only need notes from Outlook to be displayed on your Android device, you should specify this in the 3rd AkrutoSync set-up step. After the initial setup, none of notes from your smartphone will be transferred to Outlook. However, after setup is complete, every note you add on your smartphone will be automatically transferred to your desktop Outlook.


I own the LG G5 but want to upgrade to G6. Can I sync my old smartphone with Outlook and remain syncing after I switch to G6?

You can easily switch to another LG device and sync all of your Outlook data with your new smartphone. You can even connect two LG smartphones and make them sync with your desktop Outlook simultaneously.

I have two G6 devices; can I sync separate sets of data with each one?

You will be asked to choose the type of data you want to sync with each specific device. That means you are free to decide which set of Outlook data you want to see on each connected device.

I have more than 3000 contacts with contact pictures. Can AkrutoSync transfer this amount of data?

Easily! AkrutoSync can handle syncing any number of contacts. But the bigger your address book, the longer syncing will take. Choose Wi-Fi syncing in this case as this is the fastest way to sync Outlook contacts with your LG G6, vs. syncing over the Internet.

Can I sync Outlook notes from two PCs with one LG G6 device?

You can easily do that with AkrutoSync. But this requires installing AkrutoSync on both PCs which, in turn, means you need two license codes.

I have Outlook 2010 on my home PC and Outlook 2013 in my office. Which Outlook version works better with Akruto?

There’s no difference in the Outlook versions and Android version your device is running on—AkrutoSync works perfect with any Outlook and Android version you may have.

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