Sync OnePlus 5 With Outlook – Text + Video Guide

Sync OnePlus 5 With Outlook – Text + Video Guide

The new OnePlus 5 is a revolutionary device that entered the market with cutting-edge hardware at an affordable price. If you are one of the lucky owners and want to increase your phone’s functionality by syncing OnePlus 5 with Outlook, the following guide will answer all your questions.

Sync OnePlus 5 with Outlook

Our product, AkrutoSync, is tailored for syncing Outlook contacts, calendar, notes and tasks with OnePlus 5 no matter how busy your calendar is or how big your address book is. AkrutoSync will sync everything including, contact pictures and contact notes, between Outlook and your smartphone’s address book. The best part here is that syncing process is automatic. This means you don’t have to do anything to sync data between your OnePlus 5 and desktop Outlook. This leaves no room for situations without your contacts or calendar because you forgot to sync information after the last update manually.

Syncing Outlook contacts with OnePlus 5

Syncing OnePlus 5 with Outlook contacts is easy when you use AkrutoSync. To start syncing, launch AkrutoSync and press Configure AkrutoSync. Next, choose the right connection for your current needs. We recommend starting with syncing over home network (your Wi-Fi hotspot) as this is the easiest and fastest way for your OnePlus 5 to start syncing with Outlook. Then, choose Android when asked to specify your device type.

AkrutoSync will display a list of your Outlook folders. Choose the right Contact folder and press Save. If you have a firewall, the next few steps will illustrate configuring notifications and instructions. Follow the rest of the steps demonstrated in this Galaxy S7 video to finish syncing Outlook contacts with OnePlus 5:

Sync OnePlus 5 with Outlook Calendar over the Air

Syncing Outlook calendar events with OnePlus 5 is as easy as the process of syncing contacts described above. The only difference is that you have to choose the proper calendar on the screen that you asked what to sync—the rest of the steps are the same.

After everything is complete, all of your past and current calendar events will be transferred to OnePlus 5. Going forward, every change you will make in your calendar will reflect on all connected devices. This means if you add a new calendar event on Outlook, it will automatically sync with OnePlus 5 and vice versa.

How to sync notes between Outlook and OnePlus 5

The process of syncing Outlook notes is a little bit different from syncing contacts and calendar. That’s because some Android smartphones don’t have a built-in app for notes or this app has poor functionality. In both cases, you can still use AkrutoSync to synchronize Outlook notes with OnePlus 5, but you need to install the Tasks and Notes for MS Exchange app. This is a great alternative to even native apps because it provides great functionality, user-friendly UI, and the ability to sync with MS Exchange server.

Another alternative is the Touchdown app, which is also a great application that supports syncing Outlook notes through AkrtuoSync. If you only want to sync Outlook notes, walk through the installation process and choose the proper notes folder, all further steps are the same as syncing Outlook calendar and contacts.

Transfer Outlook tasks to OnePlus 5

Outlook tasks is another type of data you may want to sync with OnePlus 5. And again, you should either install a Tasks and Notes for MS Exchange app or use the default Android tasks app. After the initial setup, all new tasks that are added to your desktop Outlook or smartphone will be synced automatically between all devices you’ve connected.

You can start by syncing only one type of data and then add another one on the go. Another advantage of  Akruto is its perfect support for all Android, iOS and WP smartphones and tablets. This means you can migrate easily to another Android phone or even switch to a different platform and retain all of your Outlook data with your new device. You can even connect a few devices running on different operating systems and have all of your Outlook data synced with each phone’s native apps.

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