Amazon Alexa Now Works With Outlook

Amazon Alexa Now Works With Outlook

Amazon Alexa was initially created as a voice platform to let users order items from through the Internet-connected Echo device. Now it seems as if Amazon planned a much greater future for Alexa. As time goes on and technology evolves, this amazing virtual assistant is getting smarter and smarter adding new skills and features to its bag of tricks.

Amazon Alexa

Since its inception, Alexa has supported Google calendars and now it’s Outlook’s turn. Just recently Amazon updated Alexa so that it can sync with Microsoft’s Outlook allowing you to add, change and review events on your Outlook calendar with the help of your virtual assistant.

How to make Alexa add events to your Outlook calendar

After Alexa is synced with your Outlook account, voice commands can be used so as to make Alexa add events to your Outlook calendar. For instance, “Add [event] to my calendar for [day] at [time]” will allow you to add an event on a specific day and time. However, you should keep in mind that she only adds events to the calendar page and not to the app.

How to connect Amazon Echo with Outlook

In order to connect Amazon Echo with Outlook, start by launching the Alexa App, then logging in. Then go to settings > Calendar. On the following screen in order to link the account, choose the Microsoft Option, sign in with your Microsoft account, and check the box “Keep me signed in.” After you are signed in, Alexa will ask permission to access your Microsoft profile, calendar and other information. Once this is complete, you are ready to go.

What you can do with your Outlook calendar using Alexa

In addition to adding new events to your calendar through voice commands, users can check their calendar using simple commands like “What’s on my calendar?” Also, ask her to tell you what is next on your calendar and check your planned events on a specific day and time.

How sync Outlook with your smartphone

If you are an Outlook power user, and want to increase your productivity, managing your calendar with Alexa may not bring your productivity to a whole new level. To be more productive you should switch to managing your schedule and tasks from your smartphone. If you previously did this in Outlook, you should certainly try syncing it with your smartphone, and one of the best ways of doing that is with AkrutoSync.

Our software is tailored to meet the needs of Outlook users, enabling them to synchronize contacts, calendar, notes and even tasks with the native apps of their smartphones. Data security is one of our key priorities. That is why we designed AkrutoSync to be fast, secure and reliable software for hassle-free syncing of Outlook with any iOS or Android device currently available on the market. If you need more details on syncing Outlook data with your specific device, refer to our iOS with Outlook sync guide or Android to Outlook sync page.

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