Outlook.com Cloud not working since MS Outage on March 21st

Outlook.com Cloud not working since MS Outage on March 21st

It turns out that after the recent authentication outage, thousands of Outlook.com users are experiencing trouble with syncing their emails on any connected devices. Whether it’s time to move away from using the Cloud?

your settings are out of date

The outage took place at around 10 am PDT on March 21st, but many people still experience problems with connecting to their cloud accounts. The new Microsoft authentication issue prevents users from syncing Outlook.com email via the Outlook Mail app, showing “your settings are out of date” error. In the meantime, Windows PCs can sync properly, making it look as if the problem is with your phone. And, if a simple reboot is not helping, refer to one of the solutions below.

How to Fix “your settings are out of date” Error

If you can’t access your Outlook.com email from your phone and it shows “your settings are out of date” error, you have two workarounds:

Workaround #1

In this workaround we will delete and re-add your account to check if this helps.
Step 1: Launch the mail app on your phone.
Step 2: Go into Manage Accounts section and delete your Outlook account from the application.
Step 3: Tap on Add Account and choose Exchange (do not add Outlook.com account).
Step 4: After you will see the notifications, tap on Continue setting up an account.
Step 5: Enter your Outlook.com login and password.
After all these steps everything should be working properly and “your settings are out of date” will be fixed. If not, check the next workaround.

Workaround #2

This workaround is about changing the date to fix “your settings are out of date” error.
Step 1: Go to Settings -> Time & Language -> Date & Time (path may be different if you have Android or iOS device).
Step 2: Change the date on your phone to 2018 and save it.
Step 3: Open your mail app and try to sync your device with the Outlook account.
Step 4: Go back and change your time back to normal.
This workaround may help you until Microsoft will fix the authentification issue.

How to prevent Outlook.com authentification issues?

If you are an Outlook power user and want to sync Outlook Calendar, Contacts, Notes and Tasks without periodically occurring sync issue with Outlook.com, or you simply want to move away from using the Cloud for storing your personal data, AkrutoSync could be a good solution. AkrutoSync was created for hassle-free syncing any smartphone or tablet, no matter which OS it runs on.

AkrutoSync can synchronize unlimited amount of data between your PC and all connected devices without storing anything on 3-rd party servers, even if you’ll choose to sync over the Internet.

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