Outlook Not Updating on Phone?

Outlook Not Updating on Phone?

Getting frustrated that you can’t get Outlook to sync with your phone? You can share Outlook calendar and contacts from your computer with Android, Windows Phone, iPhones, and other mobile devices in several ways. Here’s what may be happening that Outlook calendar won’t sync to your phone.

Frustrated with Outlook not updating on phone

Outlook calendar won’t sync with iPhone, iPad, and iPad Touch

It’s common to be humming along with using iTunes to sync Outlook calendar with your iPhone and then suddenly it stops working. Outlook Calendar sync isn’t the only one with a problem. When iOS 9 arrived, many people suddenly couldn’t sync Outlook Notes with iPhone through iTunes.

We’ve been hearing and reading stories from users like Richard. He said that he couldn’t get iTunes or iCloud to sync iPhone 6 with Outlook 2007. The Apple software never worked right for him. In searching the web for solutions, he discovered it was a problem for many others.

“ITunes let me down horribly,” wrote Jeffrey H.

There’s no reason to fight iTunes when there’s an easy way how to sync Outlook calendar with iPhone.

How to finally stop dealing with Outlook calendar not updating

Users like Robert found a simple solution in AkrutoSync that removes iTunes from the equation.

“Really works well to solve the problem of lack of support for Outlook notes in iOS 9. I’m using it with two IOS devices and so far it’s doing a great job of keeping everything updated and in sync. Bravo!” Robert W. L. said.

When you sync iPhone with Outlook without iTunes, the synchronization process is automatic. You don’t need to run iTunes to sync every time you update Outlook. Just install Akruto and let it take care of the rest for you.

“Setting up and using Akruto Sync has been simplicity itself. It worked perfectly first time and does everything that is claimed for it. Highly recommended, so much less trouble than syncing through the cloud etc.,” wrote Peter G.

Outlook won’t sync Nexus 6P, Samsung Galaxy S6 or other Droid

Android phones sync with Google Calendar and Contacts as soon as you sign in with your Google ID. Many people prefer not to do this because they don’t want to save their information in the Google cloud or they’re tired of Google having too much information on them.

“I was in despair about the failure of Kies to synchronise my devices and I did not want to hand my life over to Google,” wrote Victoria M. “Thank goodness for Akruto.”

People open to syncing with Google ran into problems of duplicates and cut-off information.

“I used to dread the whole sync process, knowing there would be duplicates created and other problems,” Vickie W. said. “With the Google sync, the notes on each Contact would be edited so that the last words on each line were omitted. Agh! None of that with Akruto. Syncs seamlessly and doesn’t bog down the PC while it’s doing the data push.”

How to sync Outlook with Android

Users of Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 5, and other Samsung devices can use Samsung Kies or Samsung Smart Switch to sync with their Android. Both have a lot of problems as a lot of people find their way to Akruto because of Samsung Kies and Smart Switch not working.

One customer said that AkrutoSync is a better alternative to Samsung Smart Switch. She also appreciates that it’s private and does not use the cloud as well as wireless to ensure her Galaxy S6 is always up to date via Android Outlook sync.

You don’t have to figure out how to sync Outlook with Android. Install Akruto and let it do the heavy lifting. Outlook calendar and contacts sync with your Android’s built-in calendar and contacts apps. You can continue using them and their integrated features. Because Android is open source, every manufacturer does things differently when it comes to tasks and notes.

You can get Outlook tasks on Android and sync with Outlook by using one of these Android tasks and notes apps. It’ll require adding software to your phone. Once you do, you can sync Outlook tasks and notes with Android.

Can’t sync Outlook with Windows Phone

You’d think Windows Phone would seamlessly work with Outlook PC and transfer data both ways. After all, the name of the game with Windows 10 is a seamless experience. But connecting with the cloud is also big feature on Windows 10. If you upgrade from Windows 7 or Windows 8 to Windows 10, setup will change your login from a local one to the Microsoft cloud.

Also the links from Windows 10 to email, calendar, and people (contacts) take you to Outlook.com / Office365. Windows 10 will do this regardless if you have Outlook on your computer. Yes, AkrutoSync works with Windows 10 and well as with Windows Surface.

“Using Akruto is like heaven after being burdened by a Windows phone that doesn’t sync with a Windows desktop unless you set up a convoluted cloud solution,” explained Kim M.

Haven’t upgraded to Windows 10? Windows Phone won’t sync with Outlook on older versions of Windows either. If you’re on a corporate network, you can get around that with Exchange Activesync. If not, you’re stuck without a way to sync Windows Phone with Outlook … unless you use AkrutoSync, which acts like an Exchange Server without the high price of a server.

“Not being able to sync my Outlook calendar (that runs my life!) from my PC to my Windows Phone has been a huge irritation,” said Christine L. “I still cannot understand why Microsoft still doesn’t get it and forcing people to the cloud is neither simple nor everyone’s choice. Akruto is easy to install, easy to sync and totally fixes the problem. I couldn’t be happier.”

Check out more than 1,000 AkrutoSync reviews to see what people think of Akruto. Ready to give it a go? Download AkrutoSync here.

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  • aprest February 22, 2016 at 9:56 pm

    My new Nexus 6P synced with my contacts and calendar in Outlook 2010 in Windows 7 when I first installed akrutosync. Now my contacts syn but my calendar “fails” everytime.. How do I fix this?

    • Akruto Support February 23, 2016 at 5:39 pm

      Please get in touch with our support team. They’ll be happy to help you.