What to Do During a Blizzard to Be Productive

What to Do During a Blizzard to Be Productive

Our company is located in the Boston area, so we’re in the same boat as everyone affected by the blizzard. Many companies have shut down their doors forcing employees to stay home where they can avoid the dangers of commuting and extreme cold temperatures. Those who have children are most likely finding it hard to get things done as they want to go outside to play in the snow. (Just getting them dressed and undressed takes a long time!)

Snowpocalypse and Productivity

Would you believe that blizzards and other bad weather days boost productivity? Forbes refers to research that shows unsunny days increase worker effectiveness because their mind isn’t distracted by the things they can do outside.

If your office is outside of the home, you may not have all the tools to get your job done. But there are things you can do to be productive when stuck inside because the weather outside is frightful. Use this time to take stock to help you be more prepared next time.

Here are six things you can do to maximize productivity for bad weather and telecommute days.

  1. Plan ahead. Talk to management and IT about the possibility of remotely connecting to the network from home. This way you can get the software and tools you need to be able to access your work email, files and apps away from the office.
  2. Charge all your devices. Be prepared for the possibility of a power outage by charging all your devices. Make sure battery chargers are full. Check your radio’s batteries as it may be the source for news during a power outage.
  3. Take work home. Meteorologists gave ample warning before the latest winter storm reared its ugly head. Next time you’re in the office and get a warning, grab anything you can do at home. Keep company policies in mind as some don’t allow you to take sensitive papers outside of the office.
  4. Review meetings. You might be able to hold meetings through a conference call. Check your calendar to see which ones can be rescheduled and which ones can be held through a conference call.
  5. Give your computer a checkup. Back up and sync your phone, devices and computer. Ensure virus and malware definitions are updated in your anti-virus software. Clean up your computer by uninstalling outdated or unneeded software. Run maintenance tasks.
  6. Note what can be better next time. Do you not have backup battery chargers? Buy it now. Does your computer need updating to remotely connect to the office network? Figure out what it needs and make it happen. Grocery stores shelves barren? At the start of winter, stock up on water and food staples with a longer shelf life.

What other ways can you be more productive during a snowstorm or when you need to work from home?

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