Top 20 iPhone Productivity Apps

Top 20 iPhone Productivity Apps

Have you ever tried to browse for productivity apps in the App Store? Overwhelming, isn’t it? That’s not unexpected considering there are more than 1.5 million apps for the iPhone. Get this … the productivity category alone has more than 40k apps!

iPhone Productivity Apps

In case you were curious, the App Store has more than 20 categories. Games and education comprise about a third of all the apps in the App Store.

Here are some of the types of apps you can find in Productivity:

  • Brainstorming
  • Calculators and converters.
  • Calendars.
  • Collaboration.
  • Communication.
  • Documents.
  • Engineering.
  • Notes.
  • Project management.
  • Synchronization.
  • Task management.

This is only an abbreviated list. Isn’t it ironic that trying to find apps to help you be more productive is a time consuming task?

Considering our mission is to help Outlook users be more productive, we have compiled a list of 10 top free apps and 10 top paid apps that you might want to check out. The 10 apps in each category are different from each other, so you won’t have to choose between similar types of apps.

As of this posting, the free apps in this list don’t have in-app purchase. We believe free should mean free with no catch.

Top 10 free iPhone productivity apps

  1. Downloads Lite: Download files from your computer to your iPhone and vice versa. The app comes with a screen document viewer that supports .pdf, .doc, .xls, .ppt, .txt, .html and .rtf file formats.
  2. Flashlight ¤: Your phone may come with a built-in flashlight, but you may want more features. This app makes the flashlight brighter, supports strobe and blinking modes and lets you use the onscreen button as a switch.
  3. Mercury Web Browser – with Powerful AdBlock Extension: Here’s an alternative to the iPhone’s Safari web browser. Some of its features include themes, privacy protection, file sharing, adblock, plugins, multi-touch gestures and more.
  4. MyScript Calculator – Handwriting calculator: Just use your finger to enter a math problem and the app will solve it. Yep, it can calculate handwritten math problems.
  5. Photo Sketch: With 12 filters available, you can converts photos into sketches and cartoon avatars. These aren’t your typical avatars.
  6. Quick Scan – Barcode Scanner & Best Shopping Companion: Next time you go shopping, scan barcodes with this app to find the lowest online or local store price for any product. (There’s a separate paid version.)
  7. Secret Apps Lite: Acts like a wall safe for the private data on your iPhone including photos, videos, notes, contacts, bookmarks and web browsing history. If your phone is misplaced, your data is safe.
  8. Speak & Translate: Translator with voice recognition capabilities converts live voice into 40 languages and text into 72 languages.
  9. Super Notes: Recorder, Note, Memos, Photos. Notebook plus Notepad: Robust Notes app features recording, typing while recording or playing, color-coding, emailing and transferring notes to computer or to others. (There’s a separate paid version.)
  10. Zello Walkie Talkie: Turn your iPhone into a walkie talkie for one-on-one or group conversations.

Top 10 paid iPhone productivity apps

  1. All New Dream Days – Countdown to the Days That Matter: Counting the days to a big event? Birthday? Anniversary? Last day of school? Create and customize a countdown to boost the excitement.
  2. CamScanner +| PDF Document Scanner and OCR: Digitize scanned documents for storing, syncing and collaborating.
  3. Daily Routine: Helps you create new habits or daily routines by reminding you what you should be doing.
  4. Group Text: Although the iPhone allows you to send group texts, this app adds more features such as creating distribution lists, providing templates for messages and schedule texts.
  5. knfbReader: Converts printed text to speech to have documents read to you.
  6. Magnifying Glass With Light Pro – Restaurant Menu Reader: A dim restaurant sets the mood, but it makes it harder to read the menu. This app magnifies text, inverts colors for greater contrast, and lets you control the brightness of the light. It comes in handy with the tiny directions on pill bottles.
  7. MSecure Password Manager: Protect your data by storing your bank information, passwords, logins and credit card information into this app. Should your phone get stolen, you can rest easy knowing the thief can’t access your sensitive information.
  8. Ringtones for iPhone – Ringtone Maker and Free Ringtones Collection: Create your own tones or download thousands of ringtones to personalize your iPhone’s ringtones.
  9. Stick Texting – The Emoji Emoticans Killer: Tired of emoji emoticons? Try animated stick figures for more laughs and variety.
  10. Workflow – Powerful Automation Made Simple: Automates more than 100 actions such as creating animated GIFs, getting directions, sharing a song or posting a photo to social networks.

Are your favorites missing from the lists? Share your favorite productivity apps in the comments.

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