Sync Acer devices with Outlook

Sync Acer devices with Outlook

How to make Acer devices sync with Outlook

Most Outlook users tend to keep their sensitive Outlook data synced with their mobile devices. However, most Android devices lack a seamless way to sync with Outlook data. The native software cannot sync Outlook, or does it with lots of issues; Acer smartphones are not an exception. To sync Acer with Outlook, smartphone owners have only a few options:

  • Transfer data manually
  • Use public cloud services giving up their privacy
  • Switch to 3rd party software designed to sync Outlook with Acer smartphones and other Android devices

Acer devices

We recommend syncing Outlook with Acer devices using our product, AkrutoSync. You can transfer calendar, contacts, notes and tasks to your smartphone or tablet and sync changes you do on your mobile device back to your desktop Outlook. AkrutoSync supports all versions of Outlook and works via Wi-Fi and over the Internet.

This guide explains how you can sync Acer Iconia Tab a500, Acer Liquid or any other Acer device with Outlook 2010, 2013 and 2016. This simple method supports any Acer smartphone or tablet running Android software.

Connect Acer to Outlook syncing software

In order to make your Acer device sync with Outlook, download and install AkrutoSync. This software allows two-way syncing between a smartphone and Outlook in 2 minutes.

Choose syncing method

AkrutoSync lets you sync Outlook Contacts, Calendars and Tasks with your Acer smartphone via Wi-Fi or over the Internet. Choosing the Wi-Fi option enables you to establish seamless syncing in just 10 clicks. Follow the steps from this Galaxy S7 video to sync your Acer device with Outlook:

Sync Outlook contacts with Acer device via Wi-Fi or over the Internet

After you set up AkrutoSync to sync data between Outlook and your Acer device, there’s nothing more you need to do – everything happens behind the scenes. AkrutoSync lets you sync Outlook contacts with any Acer device via Wi-Fi or over the Internet using a secured 3rd party DNS service working as an exchange point for Outlook data.

Sync Acer smartphone with Outlook calendar

AkrutoSync allows seamless syncing of Outlook calendar with Acer devices running on any version of Android, beginning with 4.0. You can sync all current and past calendar events and appointments between Outlook calendar and the native calendar app of your phone. Any change you make on your phone’s calendar will be immediately transferred to your Outlook calendar.

How to sync Outlook tasks with Acer devices

The syncing process is similar to syncing Outlook calendar or contacts. The only difference is that you need to enable syncing tasks when asked to choose the type of data you want to sync in the AkrutoSync interface.


Can I sync my Acer Liquid to Outlook 2013 with AkrutoSync?
Yes, AkrutoSync supports any Acer device and any version of desktop Outlook including Outlook 2013.

What type of data can I sync using AkrutoSync?
You can sync Outlook Contacts, Calendars, Tasks and Notes to any of your Acer smartphones or tablets.

Can I sync changes in Outlook calendar from Acer back to Outlook?
Yes, you can. With 2-way syncing, any changes you do in your desktop Outlook will immediately appear on every synced device.

Can I transfer notes from Outlook to my Acer smartphone and tablet?
Yes, you can do that with AkrutoSync. Our product supports syncing Outlook with an unlimited number of connected devices. That means you can sync any part of Outlook with these two devices and add additional devices or switch to another manufacturer should you have the need to do so.

Can I sync 6000 contacts from my Outlook with my Acer Iconia Tab while on Trial period?
There are no limits on the amount of data you can sync during the Trial period. That means you can transfer as much data as you need during the 7 days of the trial period.

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  • James December 6, 2016 at 3:10 pm

    Can I sync 2 Acer smartphone with my PC Outlook using your software?

    • Akruto Support December 7, 2016 at 10:31 am

      Thank you for this question, James.
      Akruto can work with unlimited number of Acer devices connected to one desktop Outlook within one license. That means you can easily sync Outlook contacts, calendars, notes and tasks between PC and all your Acer smartphones.