Sync BlackBerry Argon with Outlook in 5 Minutes

Sync BlackBerry Argon with Outlook in 5 Minutes

True fans of BlackBerry devices can now enjoy a new innovative release from their favorite brand. This autumn BlackBerry introduces the BlackBerry Argon, a fresh model from their budget-oriented lineup. One of the main features of the smartphone is its similarity to predecessor BlackBerry PRIV, which has established itself as a high-end product. The other great news is the new BlackBerry Argon can be easily synched with Outlook in just a few clicks with Akruto. You no longer need to worry about the issues encountered when syncing over some apps or the Cloud, or risking that your data is erased or compromised.

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How to Sync Outlook Contacts with BlackBerry Argon

The easiest way to import all of your Outlook contacts to BlackBerry Argon is using AkrutoSync while syncing over Wi-Fi. This method will not only save you time but will also help you avoid the potential issues associated with duplicating contacts. All you need for syncing Outlook Contacts with BlackBerry Argon is to have your smartphone connected to the Internet, or have PC and smartphone connected to the same Wi-Fi hotspot.

Follow these simple steps to sync Outlook Contacts with your BlackBerry Argo:

  • Download and install AkrutoSync.
  • Start synchronization process on your PC by clicking “Configure AkrutoSync” in the main window and choose syncing with Android.
  • Select “Contacts”
  • Follow the steps illustrated in the AkrutoSync interface to sync contacts.

Once these steps are complete, you will automatically import your Outlook contact list to BlackBerry Argon. Please note that if you have a very large contact list, with thousands of contacts, it may take a little longer to transfer all of this data to your smartphone. However, there are no limits on the amount of data you can transfer with Akruto.

Syncing Outlook Calendar with BlackBerry Argon

Similar to the contacts transfer, syncing Outlook Calendar is easy with AkrutoSync. The process is exactly the same as described above; the only difference is that you will need to select the proper “Calendars” folder from the list during the very first steps of syncing. The main benefit of AkrutoSync here is that you can sync data two-ways and work with the native calendar app of your smartphone.

Syncing BlackBerry Argon With Outlook Tasks

Things are a bit complicated when it comes to syncing Outlook Tasks as not all Android devices have built-in apps to manage tasks. You will need to use an additional application for that purpose. You can choose between Tasks/Notes for Microsoft Exchange and TouchDown app, both of which are compatible with Akruto. However, even when using 3rd party applications, AkrutoSync doesn’t transfer or store anything on 3rd party servers.

Best Way to Transfer Outlook Notes

To sync Outlook Notes with BlackBerry Argon follow the steps mentioned. To host Outlook data on your smartphone you can use Tasks/Notes for Microsoft Exchange or the TouchDown application. Please note that the former app can be purchased at $4.99, whereas the latter is free of charge after a 14-day free trial.


Q: Can I sync past calendar events from my Outlook with my BlackBerry Argon?
A: AkrutoSync transfers all current and past calendar events by default.

Q: Can I switch between syncing over the Internet and via Wi-Fi?
A: Yes, you can. But you should reconfigure PC and smartphone each time you want switch syncing methods.

Q: Do I need to have a Hotmail, Windows Live, or Google account to sync Outlook data with BlackBerry Argon?
A: No, AkrutoSync can transfer everything from your desktop Outlook to your smartphone without connecting to any public cloud service.

Q: Can I access my Outlook contacts on my BlackBerry Argon when I am in an area without a cellular signal?
A: Yes, you can sync data even when you don’t have any Internet connection by using your Wi-Fi router.

Q: Does AkrutoSync allow syncing BlackBerry Argon with Outlook Tasks?
A: Yes, you can sync tasks with your smartphone using AkrutoSync.

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  • Charlie November 21, 2016 at 8:50 am

    When Syncing Notes, Can it handle Subfolder as well?

    • Akruto Support November 22, 2016 at 3:20 pm

      AkrutoSync can sync one folder of each type (one calendar, contacts, tasks, and notes folder). You can choose to sync a subfolder, instead of the main folder as long as it’s just one folder of each type.