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Sync Outlook Contacts With Motorola Droid Maxx

How to Sync Outlook Contacts with Your Motorola Droid Maxx Direct

If you’re looking for direct, safe, and reliable syncing between your phone and your PC, look no further than AkrutoSync. It’s the most reliable and secure way to sync any Android phone to your PC. With no cloud storage and a direct sync, your data never leaves your possession. You don’t have to trust it to a service that opens you up to vulnerabilities. [...]

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How to Sync Outlook Contacts directly with your Samsung Galaxy S3

Why is AkrutoSync the best way to synchronize Outlook contacts with your Samsung Galaxy S3? AkrutoSync is the only automatic and seamless sync program for Outlook.You set up the program once and it keeps your phone and computer in sync via direct wireless connection between your Samsung Galaxy and Outlook on your PC.AkrutoSync will help you to directly synchronize the Outlook contacts (as well [...]