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    Bob Deprez


    Some contacts are not transferring from my Samsung Note 8 to PC using Akrupo. All other syncing functions are working properly. I assume it is the way some contacts are being categorized or saved on my Samsung Note 8.





    One thing I learned is that you can have multiple phone number storage locations in your phone.

    The phone will show ALL of them together when you go to contacts, but the Akrutosync will only sync from the account that has the “exchange” account.

    I use a contact manager program to be sure all my contacts are under one account in the phone.

    I use mobiledit “contacts optimizer”… you can see all accounts, and move contacts to the one account that is synced.




    Akruto Support


    Hi Greg,

    Yes, that is correct. Akruto can only sync data into the AkrutoSync exchange account on the phone. Any data saved into this account can be detected by Akruto and will sync back to Outlook.

    Brian Tan
    AkrutoSync Support.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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