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    Ken Buchanan


    I just installed Akruto since the Andriod 9 update made HTC Sync Manager history on my U11. It seems to be working well but the installation was a bit nerve-wracking.

    Having been told to delete all contacts and calendar events I did the former, but opted only to delete recurring events and kept my “one-off” events in the belief that in a few months the confusion of duplication would be over (and also not knowing how to delete all events without spending days doing so).

    Having installed Akruto and seen the results I now see why. All my existing contacts were on “Phone” but now they are on xxxx@jn885.akrname; all my old Calendar events were on PC Sync and the newly synced ones are on xxxx@jn885.akrname. So I understand how if I had kept the old stuff it would never update.

    However…. having kept all my one-off events they are all duplicated with the ones synced by Akruto (which I expected). So all I had to do was deselect PC Sync in Calendar and now I’m only looking at a single set of events which are syncing. If I had kept my contacts then presumably all I would have had to do is deselect the Phone contact set.

    The reason I ask this is that my partner has an HTC which is about to collapse and whatever new phone he buys will not support HTC Sync Manager so I will need to install this for him and I’m trying to simplify the process. Also, asking a user to delete all his phone data, given that his only means of syncing has just died, is a huge leap of faith!!!





    Akruto Support


    Hello Ken,

    One of the steps in the configuration was to clear the phone of data. The reason this step is there is primarily to prevent duplicates but also because AkrutoSync cannot sync your existing data from the phone to Outlook. This is because the existing data on the phone is saved under a different account like Google for example. Data cannot jump from one account to the other. You would have to export those contacts out of the phone and remove them from the phone. Then import the contacts into Outlook and AkrutoSync will sync them with your phone but now they will be saved under the Exchange account that was created for AkrutoSync. This will ensure the two way synchronization.

    Here is a link that may help with exporting data. Keep in mind that because the contacts from Outlook have already synced over the phone, you may experience duplicates. The easiest way to avoid this is to remove the Exchange account from the phone as this will remove all contacts, calendar, tasks and notes that synced with AkrutoSync from the phone. Once you have the existing contacts imported in Outlook then you will have to configure AkrutoSync again.

    Raphael Gonzales

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