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    Akruto says my PCs IP address has changed and gives a new one to enter into the phone. I enter it into the phone, save the settings and then the phone tries to synchronise with the old address. So no synchronisation





    Hi Paul,

    Thank you for choosing AkrutoSync.

    My name is Brian from Akruto Support.

    AkrutoSync relies on your computer’s IP address in order to transfer data between your computer and your phone. When your computer’s IP address changes, AkrutoSync detects the change and guides you through a re-configuration process (an abbreviated version of initial configuration)

    All you have to do is click on the link in the AkrutoSync window that says “Click here to configure new address” on your PC to change the password and then modify the account on the phone under “Server Settings” to reflect the new IP and new password.

    You will have two steps:
    1. is to change your password
    2. Go to the Exchange account you created for Akruto on your phone and update the password and the IP address. This should restore the sync without you having to start over. Please refer to the attached document for instructions.


    Your router has so many addresses that it can give to a device (Desktop PC, Laptop PC, Smart Phone, Gaming Console). So when your computer is offline or turned off and another device connects to your router it re-uses your IP address and then assigns your computer a new IP address.

    Also, if your IP address changes frequently, you may want to configure your router to always give your computer the same address. To do this, point your web browser to your router, log in and look for an option called “DHCP reservation” or “Address reservation”. Note that this is not required in order to use AkrutoSync. I attached a general guide on how to setup “DHCP reservation” or “Address reservation”.


    You may also send an email to support@akruto.com for further assistance.

    Brian Tan
    Akruto Support

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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