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    Is there a way to only sync Contacts and Calendar FROM my desktop TO my Samsung S7 Edge and DISABLE FROM my Samsung TO my desktop?



    Akruto Support


    Hi GW,

    AkrutoSync does not have a one-way sync option. The only way that you cannot sync from phone to Outlook on your computer is to never create/edit/delete an entry for Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Notes (it depends on which type/s you sync) in your S7 edge so that nothing will sync from the phone.

    Alf Delola



    John Busch


    Well, somehow I’ve done it! Changes I make to my outlook calendar show up on my phone, but changes on my phone do not show up on my outlook calendar. I wish I knew why, and how to change it.

    Phone: Samsung S5
    M/S Office Home & Business 2013 v. 15.0.4919.1002



    Frank Hunt


    This is an ongoing problem with both of my android devices. Sync for contacts ONLY works one way – from the PC to the device. Seems like it used to work once. Cannot figure if it is a setting or what?? Very annoying



    Tom Hicks


    My apologies to Akruta Support – problem solved – the answer was already on their website:</p>

    <p>How do I synchronize data from my phone to my PC?</p>
    <p>When you are adding a new Contact, Appointment or Task on your phone, you can choose whether to synchronize it with AkrutoSync or something else (for example with Google or iCloud). If you do not see your new Contact, Appointment or Task in Outlook, this may be because you are synchronizing them with Google or iCloud.<br />
    To add a new appointment, open the Calendar app on the phone. Tap the plus sign in the calendar. The phone will show a screen for entering your new appointment. You will see lines to enter the subject and location for your new appointment as well as other appointment information. One of the lines says which calendar the new appointment will be added to. Depending on your phone model, this line is oftern labeled with the word “calendar” and is often marked in color. You need to tap on this line to see a list of accounts and select the account that was created for AkrutoSync. Then finish entering your appointment information. This appointment will be synchronized with Outlook using AkrutoSync. Similarly, when adding a Contact or a Task, tap the plus sign and select the account that was created for AkrutoSync. You only need to do this once; your phone will remember your selection and synchronize all new data with Outlook.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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