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    My laptop has different IP addresses for its wireless and Ethernet connections. If I start Akrutosync with the Ethernet connected it says that ‘the device cannot sync becaue the IP address has changed’. If I remove the Ethernet cable, however, it will sync. Is there anyway to set up syncing with the Ethernet connected?



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    Hi Dave!

    First off, you’ll need to choose as to what connection you will use when you do a sync. Either wired or wireless. Having both wired and wireless connection on will give confusions on your phone where to extract the Outlook files it is supposed to be syncing in to it. Since it seems that the sync is set on your wireless network side, should you use the wireless network will not require you further steps on fixing it. Just make sure no to plug the ethernet cable again. However, if you choose to sync using wired connection means you need to reconfigure it. Plug the cable in, disable the wireless card of your computer. Then click Configure AkrutoSync again. follow the prompts. (before configuring it again, make sure to remove/delete the previously added exchange account on your phone ****only if your Outlook program is up to date with your contacts, calendar, task and note entries****)

    Thanks and best regards,

    Paul Suarez
    Technical Support Specialist
    AkrutoSync Support

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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