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    your latest update with the silly nonsense that by clicking on the x to close it doesn’t actually close but simply goes to the tray and the extra click to say OK I get it…is all well and good but rather annoying. The real issue for me is that leaving akruto sync ‘open’ in this fashion does not allow me to truly close Outlook as closing in the normal manner used to require my password to re-open but now it automatically opens if I have not specifically gone back to akruto osynch and ‘closed’ it also. When I leave my desk I close outlook as I do not want random strangers to have access to my data but have not had to actually close windows also. Now, all someone has to do is click on the icon for Outlook and it automatically opens without the need to enter my password unless I actually close akruto synch also. If I do close it then I get the annoying messages on my phone that it cannot access the server so I assume it is trying to access akruto exchange but cannot if I have closed it on my desktop at work. Why on earth did you make changes to something that was working well for me before this? What is the benefit of the change that others were looking for that I somehow don’t see?



    Akruto Support


    Hi Judith,

    With the latest version of AkrutoSync, you can revert to the previous features:
    Upgrade AkrutoSync:
    1. Close AkrutoSync on the computer (right-click its icon on the taskbar, then select ‘Quit AkrutoSync’
    2. Go to: https://www.akruto.com/files/upgrade/download
    3. Download, install, activate it – that will have version 5.2.19
    4. Restart your computer, relaunch AkrutoSync.

    Click the “Open Data Directory” link in AkrutoSync. In the window that opens, find the file config.txt (sometimes shown as just “config”) and double-click it to edit the file.

    New config file options
    • Option to NOT minimize to the clock area. Instead, clicking the X button will immediately close the program. You will not be able to sync until you start AkrutoSync again.
    To enable, change from iconize.on.close=true to iconize.on.close=false.
    Restart AkrutoSync for the option to take effect.

    • Option to NOT display a notification message when AkrutoSync is minimized to the clock area.
    To enable, change from iconize.show.balloon=true to iconize.show.balloon=false.
    Restart AkrutoSync for the option to take effect.

    • Allow AkrutoSync window to be resized. This is helpful in those rare cases when AkrutoSync comes up as a very small window, instead of a normal-size window.
    To enable, add resizable=true to the config file (the option is not present in the config file by default)
    Restart AkrutoSync for the option to take effect.

    Alf Delola

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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