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    I am having problems with my home wifi which means I have to frequently reset the router, which means the IP address on my PC changes and I have to sort out all my mobile devices to sync with my PC. I decided to use the sync over wifi option. I am happy to follow the instructions, but when i select “Configure AKrutoSync” as instructed, instead of being taken to the screen which will allow me to choose wifi or internet, I am taken to a screen which tells me I am already configured. Pressing the Change Address key takes me to a screen telling me to configure my firewall. Surely, I have already done that in the original config? Nowhere am I being asked to select the “Sync over Internet” option. Where do I do that please? I am sure I am just being stupid and missing the obvious, but I cannot see it!



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    Hi Judi,

    Could you please email Akruto at for the details.

    Thank you.

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    Alf Delola

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