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    Couple of good years of S7 and laptop outlook sync with Akruto (5.2.33). Phone now updated to Android 8.0 and I no longer have any sync.

    Tried manually forcing a sync, rebooting devices. Nothing. Sync status is none.

    Really need this back fast. Help, please.





    Last Android update set calendar to “My Calendar”. Turn that off in your calendar settings, and make sure whatever method you use to sync with Akruto is turned on (Microsoft Exchange for instance). My phone was doing the same thing, but when I switched off My Calendar as the default save-to on the phone’s add appointment screen everything works fine now.





    I also am having same problem
    My S7 updated to android 8 & now does not sync with outlook 16
    I have check all the settings that have been working for as long as i have had Akruto, All is exact right

    I have tried to reset the acc but phone does not find the ip address any more to continue the setup

    Im almost at the point on deleting & finding a program that can actually sync wireless as my phone does not connect via usb (also because of stupid microsoft updates or android)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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