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    Stanley Myrick


    I am using Outlook for my email client. I have a Comcast provider that I have my emails addresses by ( That email address is IMAP. I do not have Exchange.

    When setting up Akruto on my android LG phone, it made an account simulating Exchange and an email address called or something.

    It syncs successfully, it says, but I do not have a Calendar in my outlook. It says pick calendars from the sidebar menu. Then it asks for Add an account or Calendar apps for favorite calendar apps (evernote, facebook, etc). So I choose the Add an Account. IT asks for the email address. If I choose my real email address it says that emails is associated with IMAP do I want to change it to a different service. I DONT think that is the way to go. I think I should use the email address.

    So I choose that. But then it asks DOMAIN/USERNAME and a server.

    I never get past that part, so not sure what else I need, but that would be a good start I think.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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