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    John Terdik


    For almost two years Akruto was NOT syncing with my Samsung phones. I purchased the Samsung Note 8 when it was released and after setting it up, Akruto started to sync. Today I noticed that some of my contacts are not syncing with the phone when I update and save them on my PC running Windows 10 x64, MS Office 2013 Pro x32. I’m syncing via WiFi. Until today when I discovered this issue after changing and saving an entry on the PC it was almost immediately updated on the phone.</p>
    <p>Regarding the entry, I’m testing, Chris Terdik. I’ve made several changes to the entry on my PC, when I look at the Sync History in Akruto I see an arrow pointing to the right and an Icon that looks like the phone. On the right side in red is “Changed” but the info displayed shows information from the notes section that I had deleted in Outlook. Not only had I changed the Notes but I also changed several other fields, email address, phone numbers, home address, etc.</p>
    <p>As a test I’ve updated a few contacts on my phone, the updates are NOT being updated on the PC, specifically an entry for Carl Jones.



    Akruto Support


    Hi John,

    Thank you for the details in your recent post. Could you please do the following:
    1. Close any app open then turn off your phone.

    2. Close Outlook and AkrutoSync on the computer. Close any other app/software that is open. Turn off your computer.
    When closing AkrutoSync – right click the AkrutoSync icon on the taskbar, then select Quit AkrutoSync.

    3. Reboot the computer after 10 minutes. Make sure it goes back online. If AkrutoSync automatically opens, manually close it.

    4. Launch Outlook, make sure it can send/receive messages.

    5. Reboot the phone. IF you are using Sync over home network – Make sure it is online via Wi-Fi ONLY using the same router as to where the computer is connected at.
    IF you are using Sync over the Internet – make sure it is online using its cellular data and Wi-Fi is OFF on that phone. You must see 4G / LTE / 4G LTE on the phone’s signal and the Wi-Fi icon must not be seen on the phone.

    6. Open AkrutoSync. After 5 minutes, please do the process below.

    Please create a test contact or appointment in Outlook and then force a sync. Before you force a sync, please make sure that your phone is connected to the same network as your computer, and that AkrutoSync is open and running.

    Once you have created the test contact or calendar event in Outlook, please force a sync. To force a sync:
    Android: go to “Settings”, then “accounts”, then “Microsoft Exchange” or “Corporate”. Touch the account you created for AkrutoSync. Touch “sync now”.

    Immediately after forcing a sync, do you see the sync status under the categories (Contacts, calendar) in the AkrutoSync window change from “none” to “in progress”? If you do, this means that the connection between your computer and phone is OK.

    Do you now see the test item on your phone? If not, then please click Select What to Sync on the left panel of the AkrutoSync window and make sure that the correct contact folder is selected. Sometimes, the contact you create in Outlook might not be stored in the folder that you selected to sync in Akruto.

    If not, please go to Synchronization History. From there, you can see all the data that has been successfully synced to the phone. Click on the button next to Type and select the Calendar or Contacts sync category if you created a test contact instead of a test calendar event. Do you see the test item that you created in the list?

    If you do, this means that the item has successfully synced to your phone, and it is merely hidden from view. You can fix this problem by going to the settings in the contacts app of your phone and set it to display contacts only from the Akruto account, and then do the same for calendar.

    NOTE: please provide an update via email to


    Alfredo Delola

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