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    Paul Connolly


    hello, i’ve been syncing between laptop and android successfully for some months now. the laptop is based permanently at work and i sync when i get to work in the morning for changes on phone to update laptop (i sync tasks, calendar andd contacts). i used to sync via the work network.<br />
    i’ve recently started to work a bit more from home so take the laptop with me but am unable to sync when the laptop changes location even though syncing via internet not network – i get an error message saying the ip adress has changed.<br />
    unfortunately i can’t reserve ip adresses at home with the router i’ve been supplied by the isp – if i could would it work if i just mirrored the ip adresses reserved at work for both devices? i thought the idea of syncing via internet avoided this necessity?<br />
    i’m using a account.<br />
    any suggestions?<br />
    thanks,<br />



    Akruto Support


    Hi Paul,

    Thank you for the details below. Once you bring the laptop at home, AkrutoSync will default to Sync over home network not Sync over the Internet. If you want to use Sync over the Internet at work and at home, you need to reconfigure AkrutoSync at home for Sync over the Internet using the same settings that you used when you configured AkrutoSync at work.
    NOTE: Outlook must be current (updated and complete) for all of its entries in Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Notes (it depends on which type/s you sync) before you reconfigure AkrutoSync at home. The Exchange account that is linked to AkrutoSync on your phone must be deleted and added again once you reconfigure AkrutoSync for Sync over the Internet when you are at home. The data from Outlook will resync from scratch to your phone once you reconfigure AkrutoSync at home using Sync over the Internet.


    Alfredo Delola

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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