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    Klaus Eckelmann


    Aachen (Germany), 19.03.2018 – 19:12


    i plan to use akrutosync on my desktop computer, my laptop and an Samsung S8 Android Mobile Phone.

    I will use Outlook in Office 2010 and/or Outlook in Office 365 home

    Is it possible, to use akrutosync with more then 1 oulook profile?
    Is there any possibility to decide that one time, i use outlook profile 1 and then perhaps outlook profile 2?

    Please explain the functionality of akrutosync, when using more then 1 outlook profile.

    I hope, that you understand my questions?

    Perhaps send me the handbook, where that is explained.

    Thanks a lot and have a good day

    Regards Klaus



    Akruto Support


    Hi Klaus,

    Thank you for your post. Computer to computer sync using AkrutoSync is no longer possible.
    Sometime early 2017, we were able to sync using computer to computer sync as long as the Outlook on the second computer is Outlook 2013 or 2016 on a Windows 8.1 OR 10 computer. About also in 2017, the latest version of Outlook 2013 and 2016 does not allow it anymore to add a pseudo Exchange account.
    The issue is when adding an Exchange account in Outlook on the laptop/notebook/Surface, it requires authentication of the email address. The Exchange account for AkrutoSync is not a real Exchange account and is not connected to a real email server. It cannot be added in Outlook on the laptop/notebook/Surface.

    You also cannot sync 2 Outlook Profiles. You can sync one Outlook Profile and one folder to be synced from Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Notes (it depends on which type/s you sync).


    Alfredo Delola

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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