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    We’ve been running Akrutosync on our desktop (Windows 10 64bit) with Microsoft Office 2013. We set up sync with our two Android phones which has worked very well for a couple years. We just purchased a Windows laptop also running Windows 10 64bit but with a Office 365 subscription. We’re at a loss as to how to include this platform into syncing with the main desktop which is where Akrutosync is installed.



    Akruto Support


    Hello Michael,

    Thank you for choosing AkrutoSync.

    It is possible to install AkrutoSync on computer A, and set up computer B to sync with it.

    Computer A or the main computer must have a full version of Windows, As long as it is not running Windows RT. Computer A can have any version of Outlook installed with the combination of AkrutoSync.

    Computer B must have Outlook 2013/2016. It is OK if computer B has Windows RT (although it can also have a full version of Windows).

    For Computer A. When setting up sync in Akruto, select the “Windows Phone” option. When Akruto asks you to open a website, Go to Computer B and use Internet Explorer, do not use any other browser. Windows will ask you whether to choose a certificate store automatically or let you choose the certificate store manually. You need to manually choose the certificate store called “Trusted Root Certificate Authorities”.

    Then open Outlook 2013/2016 settings and create the manual account. Choose Exchange AcriveSync (usually written as or Exchange ActiveSync in Outlook 2013/2016. Enter the fake email address displayed in AkrutoSync window and the password, just like you would do with any phone or tablet.

    Outlook 2013/2016 will act just like any physical phone or tablet.

    If you are having problems with the setup process, please send an email to so we can guide you through the process.

    Raphael Gonzales
    Technical Support Specialist





    I left a response, which was full of issues with this process and what all it breaks.

    that response seems to have disappeared so BEWARE!

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