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    stephen ford


    Motorol G8
    Gmail app
    sync: Manual

    I am finding that tasks are being syncd back to the PC when I have not updated them. This has been going on for maybe a couple of years now and causes formatting problems.

    It seems a task only has to issue a reminder or be viewed to result in it being syncd back to the PC. How can I stop this happening?

    It’s a difficult problem to isolate. I reconfigured Akrutosync on 28Oct22 with no change. I have reconfigured a couple of times since this issue began.



    Akruto Support



    Thank you for your message and we are sorry that you are experiencing problems.

    For clarification, are you using Task and Notes app or you are using Google Calendar for viewing Task on your phone?

    Looking forward to your response.




    Stephen Ford


    Sorry for the delay. I didn’t get a notification of a reply being posted.

    I am using Tasks within Gmail.

    I am as sure now as I can be that when I view a task in Gmail it’s flagged for update. So in the absence of other information I suspect Gmail is causing Akruto to sync when it’s not appropriate.

    I have also had problems with T&N which may even come down to the same problem. But for the moment I am choosing to the look at the Gmail alone.

    What data item in a task does Akruto look at to decide that it should be synced, please?

    My plan, in the absence of other information, is to ask a question on the Gmail forum why it flags the task for sync when only viewed, and to specify the precise data item you give me.



    Stephen Ford


    Hi Raphael
    I still need a reply to this post. Please tell me what data item of a task that you poll to decide whether to flag the task for update within Akruto.

    Stephen Ford

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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