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    David Evans


    Retiring my old computer and want to transfer Acruto to the new machine. Can do? Any tips?



    Akruto Support


    Hello David,

    AkrutoSync is only transferable if you have a premium license.

    If you have a basic license, unfortunately, it is not possible to apply it to another computer. I suggest to subscribe to our monthly subscription $2.99 (Paid Quarterly or Annually) which you can cancel anytime that you want. You can also get the following:

    • Unlimited priority support (vs. one year support for one-time purchase)
    • Free upgrades
    • License transferable to new PC
    • Minimal upfront payment
    • Remote installation discount ($10 off)

    See license details and comparison below:

    When you are ready to switch computers, install AkrutoSync on the new computer and apply the Premium license you purchased .

    When switching computers, please keep in mind the following.

    1) You cannot use AkrutoSync to pull the data from your old phone into your new computer. I assume you have some means to transfer your documents and other files to your new computer. Use the same means to transfer your Outlook data, you may use this guide on how to transfer the Outlook data on your phone to your new PC.

    2) Do not use existing account on your phone to sync with the new computer. Instead, make sure that your new computer has all your data, delete from your phone the account that you use for AkrutoSync (this will also delete from your phone contacts, calendar and tasks), and set up AkrutoSync on your new computer to sync with your phone (this will copy the data from your new computer to your phone and ensure that two-way sync before your phone and your new computer works)

    Raphael Gonzales
    Technical Support Specialist

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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