Thousands Lose Access To Their Data During Recent Issue

Thousands Lose Access To Their Data During Recent Issue is a web-based service from Microsoft that enables webmail, contacts, calendar and tasks management. Outlook’s popularity grows with each passing year, while at the same time the frequency and scale of problems grow equally. In the latest incident, millions of users were left face to face with an issue preventing them from accessing their emails and other data. Issue

What happened?

Beginning Thursday, Nov 17th users were unable to access or sync their accounts from any mobile device. The U.S., Europe and some parts of Australia were the most heavily affected territories. It took a week before Microsoft managed to handle this issue that was never specified initially, and on which Microsoft has still provided no technical explanation.

How does this affect you as an individual or a business owner? It means that if you rely on your smartphone to manage your schedule, tasks or business contacts (and we believe you definitely do) this can paralyze any process in a moment. Imagine the amount of missed emails or the deadlines broken during this week—the only possible workaround was logging in to from your browser, which did not address the problem of proper notifications.

Cloud-based approach – Is it worth our trust?

Public cloud could be a perfect place for storing your favorite movies or photos from your last Christmas. You can access all your data on any device, anytime you want. But when it comes to your sensitive data, it’s always better to store it in a place that only you can access.

“With the cloud, you don’t own anything. You already signed it away.” said Steve Wozniak, Apple Co-Founder

At Akruto, we are working to ensure that customers have a seamless way for synchronizing their sensitive business or personal data with mobile devices, without storing it in the cloud. With AkrutoSync you are not tied to any cloud service. This means all the data you have in your desktop Outlook will remain synced with your mobile device no matter what. Actually, even if Microsoft shuts down all their servers, your data will still update on every connected device.

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