How to Sync iPhone with Outlook without iTunes

How to Sync iPhone with Outlook without iTunes

A customer told us about her experience with Wi-Fi sync with her iPhone. Pam was excited at the possibility of being able to sync iPhone wirelessly with iTunes. It was cumbersome to connect her phone to her computer to back it up. The Wi-Fi sync iPhone feature just wouldn’t work.

How to sync iPhone with Outlook without iTunes

She visited Apple’s support pages and found a troubleshooting article that provided options to resolve the problem. None of these worked. She could only assume it was possibly network interference as everything else checked out.

Wi-Fi sync iPhone options

Pam wanted to back up her calendar, contacts, reminders and notes since she updated these every day. Music, games and other media didn’t need frequent backups.

She heard that AkrutoSync can iPhone with Outlook wirelessly. Plus it came with a bonus in that it could sync iPhone with Outlook without iTunes. This set up would allow her to automatically back up her most critical information without ever opening iTunes. Then she could run iTunes on occasion for updates and media backup.

Since we offer a free seven day trial, Pam took advantage of that to see if she could get iPhone Wi-Fi sync to work. Considering iPhone wireless sync with iTunes failed, she had low expectations. To her surprise, Akruto’s Wi-Fi sync with iPhone worked.

How to set up iPhone Wi-Fi sync

Here’s how Pam did it:

  1. Configure AkrutoSync to use Wi-Fi sync
  2. Set up iPhone Wi-Fi sync

She also added her Android tablet so she could have it in sync with her phone and Outlook. Wi-Fi sync worked Fi. (Akruto works with unlimited devices compatible with iOS, Windows Phone and Android.)

Pam reports that her Outlook Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Notes all appear across her devices and vice versa. Note that Outlook Tasks sync directly with Reminders on iPhone and other iOS devices. She liked that her Outlook information shows up in the apps she already uses in her iPhone and tablet.

Is it safe to sync iPhone with Outlook wirelessly?

Yes. You don’t sync your personal data through the cloud, nor does it get stored anywhere in the cloud or with Akruto. This cuts your risk of your data being hacked or the cloud server crashing and losing your information.

Instead, Akruto syncs between your computer and your secure wireless network. All it does is update the information on devices or Outlook for PC. C’t Magazin, a top European computer magazine, recommended Akruto for its secure option to sync Outlook with devices.

Your privacy is important to us. When we developed this software, we wanted to offer customers a way to automatically sync. This meant looking for an option that didn’t use USB as you’d have to plug it in to sync, which isn’t automatic. Akruto cuts the cloud and the USB cord as it can sync iPhone with Outlook wirelessly and without iTunes.

Try Akruto free for seven days to see how you like its ability to do iPhone Wi-Fi sync.

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