User Guide

Configuring AkrutoSync to sync over your home Wi-Fi network

Start configuration wizard by clicking “Configure AkrutoSync” link as shown below.

Configure Akruto Sync

You will be presented with a choice to sync using the Internet or your home network. Select the option to sync over the over your home network.

Select Sync Over Your Home Wi-Fi Network

The next screen gives you a choice between Android, iOS and Windows Phone. This selection allows AkrutoSync to better guide you through subsequent configuration steps. This selection does not affect operation of AkrutoSync. In fact, it is possible to synchronize the same computer with Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices at the same time.

Sync Android or Windows Phone

On the next screen, AkrutoSync will list all Outlook Contact, Calendar, Task and Note folders on your computer. Select the folders that you want to sync.

Select Outlook folders to sync with your phone

You can come back to this screen at any time and change your selection by clicking the “Select what to sync” link in the main screen of AkrutoSync.

Click “Save” to save your selection.

Depending on your computer’s network configuration, the following screen may or may not be displayed.

Find Primary IP Address

If the screen is displayed, click “Test”.

Technical Detail

If your computer has multiple network adapters (for example, a wired connection and a wireless one, or a VPN connection) we display this screen to determine which network adapter to use. In order to do this, we establish a test connection to a web site URL (any web site will work) and check the local IP address of the connection. Then we close the connection. No information is transmitted to or from the test web site. You can use any web site for this test, as long as you provide a valid URL.

Make sure Wi-Fi on your phone is turned on and connected as shown in the screenshot below.

Wi-Fi is connected


ATTENTION: It is not enough that Wi-Fi is on. You should see the word connected. As shown in the screenshots above. If you do not see the word connected, you will not be able to use Wi-Fi, even if Wi-Fi is on.

Make sure that the network you are connecting to (in red in the screenshot) is the network created by your router. There should be no wireless access point device, just the wireless router. Also make sure your phone is not connected to some other Wi-Fi network when you want to sync. If your computer is also connected to a Wi-Fi network, your phone and your computer must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

After making sure that Wi-Fi on your phone is on and connected, click “Continue” to go to the next screen.

If you have a third party firewall (such as Symantec, ESET, etc…) on your computer, you need to configure it to allow AkrutoSync to use the network. Our firewall configuration guide is available at AkrutoSync configuration wizard tells you that you need to configure your firewall and provides a link to our firewall configuration instructions.

Configure your firewall

If you use the standard Windows Firewall (part of the Windows Operating System) you do not need to configure it manually, because it is configured as part of AkrutoSync installation.

Next, import an SSL certificate into your phone. Start the web browser on your phone and browse to the URL shown in AkrutoSync. As you type the URL into your web browser, the browser will suggest some web sites to you. It is important that you ignore the suggestions and type in the URL exactly as shown in AkrutoSync screen. The following two screenshots illustrate this step.

If you are setting up sync with an Android phone, AkrutoSync screen may looks like shown below.

SSL certificate import when setting up Android device to sync over Wi-Fi

If you are setting up Outlook sync with iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, AkrutoSync screen looks like shown below.

SSL certificate import when setting up iPhone sync over Wi-Fi

If you are setting up sync with the Windows Phone, AkrutoSync screen looks like shown below.

SSL certificate import when setting up Windows Phone to sync over the Wi-Fi

The web browser on your phone should load a web page that explains that AkrutoSync uses SSL to secure communication between your phone and your computer. At the bottom of the web page you will see a link to import the SSL certificate to your phone. Click the link.

The phone will then prompt you to install the certificate. Install the certificate on the phone, as shown below.

Install SSL certificate on mobile phone

After installing the certificate, click “Continue” in AkrutoSync.


We recommend that before your first sync you make sure that your phone has no Contacts, Appointments, Tasks or Notes. This is not strictly necessary if you have good understanding of how your phone handles data from multiple accounts. Any data that existed on the phone before the first sync will remain on the phone and will not be synchronized to Outlook or participate in the two-way synchronization between Outlook and your phone. For this reason we recommend that most users make sure that all of their Contacts, Appointments, Tasks and Notes are in Outlook and none are on the phone before the first sync.

Outlook is up-to-date

Next, AkrutoSync will ask you to choose credentials for your phone to connect to your computer. Note that at present, AkrutoSync does not check the user name; it only checks the password.

User name and password

Decide what username and password you would like you use, enter them, and click “Continue”.

The last step is to add an Outlook or Exchange account to your phone using the email address shown in AkrutoSync screen.

Createa Microsoft Exchange Account

Instructions for adding an account vary from phone to phone. Instructions are available at


ATTENTION: When prompted for an email address, use the email address shown in AkrutoSync screen. Do not use your actual email address, or the address shown in our screenshots.

After a few seconds, your phone should start syncing and AkrutoSync should show sync progress.