14 Android Apps to Make You More Productive

14 Android Apps to Make You More Productive

One point four million. That’s how many apps are in the Google Play store as of February 2015. That’s more than Apple App Store’s 1.2 million. It’s not surprising when you think about it. Apple is the only company that produces hardware for its iOS. Many companies manufacture Android smartphones, tablets, and other devices.

With 1.4 million options, every category must have thousands or hundreds of thousands choices. Overwhelming. A search for “tasks” brings up more than 175 apps! It’ll be tough to get things done when you have too many choices for apps to help you make your to-do list.

It wouldn’t be right to promise that these are the very best apps. What we’ve done is select a handful of apps across different categories. We’ve checked them out to ensure they’re worth the mention. Half of the apps are free. The other half are paid. Prices for paid apps aren’t included because they’re subject to change and some were on sale with no regular price listed.

AnTuTu Benchmark: How does your device measure up?


Does it seem like your Android is slower lately? Use AnTuTu to test your HTML5, CPU, video, screen, stability, and battery. You’ll get information about your device, find out where it ranks, and see how it compares to other devices such as Samsung Galaxy S6, Google Nexus 5, LG G4, and more. Free.

AVG AntiVirus FREE: Protect your Android


This free antivirus watches for infected files, phishing, malware, and malicious viruses in real-time. It can also find your lost or misplaced phone. If it’s stolen, you can remotely lock and wipe your device to protect your privacy.

This app does more than protect your phone. You can kill tasks that slow down your device, monitor battery, storage, and data package usage, and browse the web safely. Although free, a premium version is available with extra features such as app locking, app backup, camera trap to see who is breaking into the phone, and device lock. Free.

Circle of 6: Support for emergencies


If you get stranded in the middle of nowhere or find yourself in an uncomfortable situation with someone, just two discreet taps on Circle of 6 sends a pre-programmed text message to your six most trusted resources along with your current location. The app can also call two pre-programmed national hotlines or a local emergency number. Free.

Android apps to make you more productive

Google Goggles: Identify that thingamajig


At an art museum admiring a painting that lacks information? Snap a picture (if there are no photo restrictions, of course) and Google Goggles provides you with details about the painting. It can handle famous landmarks, QR codes, barcodes, signs in different languages, and even solve Sudoku puzzles. Free.

HD Widgets: Add and customize widgets


Supporting a variety of phone and tablet sizes, HD Widgets offers more than 50 setting switches for clock, date, weather, forecast, and location. If this isn’t enough, the app has theme packs and icons with each having more than 30 widgets. Other features include actions, status, developer tools, and toggles such as auto brightness, Bluetooth, Flight Mode, and Screen Timeout. Here’s the user guide. HD Widgets is compatible Nova Launcher. Paid.

Mint Bills: Stay on top of your bills


Stay on top of your accounts and pay your bills all in one place with Mint Bills. Get reminders when bills are due, and pay them with a bank account or credit card in one tap. It can alert you when cash is low or credit limits almost maxed. In one screen, you can view the amount of cash you have, bills due, and the total amount on all your credit cards.

For each credit card, you can check out the minimum payment due and due date, current balance, available credit, and APR. Track your monthly spending with a colorful graph to see where you can save. Got a wearable device? Mint Bills can work with one for receiving alerts. Free.

Morning Kit: Amplified alarm


Start your day with all the important information you want to know: weather, your schedule, headlines, world clocks, exchange rates, and inspirational quotes. Morning Kit has customizable themes, information panels, and alarm features such as ringtone, vibration, MP3 music, and swipe to delete alarm.

Want to countdown to a special date? It’ll count the number of days left to that day. Free with in-app purchases.

Nova Launcher: Customize your home screen


Some launchers offer too many features while others don’t provide enough. Nova Launcher strikes a balance between performance and features. You can customize your Android as much as you want and not worry about losing your settings because this app comes with a backup system to back up your desktop layout and launcher settings.

You can change up your icons, layouts, animations, colors, and more with Nova Launchers. It’s compatible with HD Widgets. Free.

PulsePoint: Find AED or respond to emergency


PulsePoint Foundation offers two life-saving apps: PulsePoint Respond to get notified when people near you need help with an emergency and PulsePoint AED for locating the nearest automated external defibrillator. While coverage contains hundreds of cities and communities, it’s not available everywhere. Check PulsePoint’s coverage map before downloading the free apps.

Super-Bright LED Flashlight: Illuminate your way


Most devices come with a built-in flashlight, but Super-Bright LED Flashlight can supercharge yours. The app comes with a switch on / off feature to function like a standard flashlight. It supports strobe and blinking modes with an adjustable blinking frequency. Free.

SwiftKey Keyboard + Emoji: Speed your typing with a smile


SwiftKey learns your style and favorite emojis to accelerate your typing. Even autocorrect and predictive text adapt to your typing style to increase your accuracy. You can connect the app to your online accounts to help it learn your slangs, nicknames, and phrases.

Bilingual? It can do bilingual autocorrect in more than 80 languages. Brighten your typing experience with its 70-plus colors, designs, and themes. Free with in-app purchases.

Tasks & Notes: Stay on track and take notes


Some Android smartphones come with their own tasks and notes apps. Others don’t. Of the ones that do come with the apps, they may not meet your needs. We recommend Tasks & Notes because AkrutoSync can sync Outlook Tasks and Notes with the Android app. Free full-functional 14-day trial available. Paid.

Wifi Manager: Manage Wi-Fi networks


WiFi manager has a graphical channel radar for finding nearby open networks to improve the quality of your connection. One home screen widget displays connection information. Another lets you switch saved networks with one tap and another toggles Wi-Fi access point. If you have multiple networks from which to choose, the app can switch your Android to the best network. Free with in-app purchases.

Weather Underground: What’s the weather like today?


Weather Underground has a neat tool you won’t find in most weather apps. You simply tap a checkmark or an X indicating whether the information accurately reflects the weather in your area. That’s it. The app has a devote community of weather enthusiasts reporting current weather conditions based on their backyard weather stations.

Because of the community-based feature, Weather Underground tends to provide more accurate local weather information. Other features include an interactive weather map, radar, 10-day forecasts, hourly forecasts with sunrise and sunset times, and historical data. Free with in-app purchases.

Got an Android app that helps you be more productive? Share it in the comments.

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