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Apps for Small Business Owners

Best Apps for Small Business Owners of All Times – 2017 Edition

In the era of accelerated technological progress, the management of small businesses has become much easier. For small businesses, the use of digital technologies is not a luxury, but a vital necessity. When every person on the team is worth their weight in gold, then applications that automate important organizational issues help facilitate business processes, and enable leisure time and self-development.Now small business owners [...]


Evernote Alternative – Which App Is Best For Managing Notes?

Evernote is no longer free if you want to sync your notes with more than two devices. Beginning in late June, Evernote has limited its users to sync notes with only up to two devices with the free plan. Their pricing policy has changed as well. Right now Plus and Premium plans cost $4 and $8 per month, respectively, compared to the $3 and [...]

Consultants, do you make this common mistake?

Consultants, Do You Make This Common Mistake?

Despite the growing use of the cloud, the truth is most people are concerned about privacy. TRUSTe Privacy Index has found that just “20 percent of U.S. consumers believe the benefit of smart devices outweigh any privacy concern about their personal information.”Americans aren’t alone, as only 14 percent of British consumers believe the benefit of devices outweigh privacy concerns. Furthermore, “Customer Data: Designing for [...]

16 awesome mobile apps that you may have missed out on - Android, iOS, Windows Phone

16 Absolutely Awesome Mobile Apps You May Be Missing Out On

As we’ve mentioned in past round ups of tools and apps, there are so many out there. It’s dizzying. We can’t begin to uncover all the gems. This time, we asked journalists and industry experts to share their favorite lesser known apps.And, boy did they deliver!We’re using some of the apps they recommended. As if we needed more!This roundup includes apps for a variety [...]

Android apps to make you more productive

14 Android Apps to Make You More Productive

One point four million. That’s how many apps are in the Google Play store as of February 2015. That’s more than Apple App Store’s 1.2 million. It’s not surprising when you think about it. Apple is the only company that produces hardware for its iOS. Many companies manufacture Android smartphones, tablets, and other devices.With 1.4 million options, every category must have thousands or hundreds [...]

Following too many people on Twitter? Learn how to clean your Twitter account with this free tool. This tool offers plenty of options to help you quickly unfollow the right accounts.

How to Clean Your Twitter Account with This Free Tool

Our Twitter account needs a good cleaning. The people we follow outnumber the people who follow us. And that’s OK. Still, we want to weed the list to remove anyone who isn’t active. A colleague tells us about ManageFlitter, so we give it a go.ManageFlitter offers three plans including a free one. The free plan allows you to clean up your with a limit [...]

8 Essential Software Tools for Consultants

8 Essential Software Tools for Consultants

Whether you’re a financial consultant, IT consultant, marketing and sales consultant, you most likely do a variety of tasks. This can range from project management and creating drawings to managing your website and billing. With every software category potentially having hundreds of options, the search for software to help you be more efficient becomes daunting.Then there’s the price, which adds up depending on the [...]

Apps for Real Estate Agents

7 Valuable Tools Real Estate Agents May Be Missing Out On

We often hear stories from real estate agents or IT consultants about how they discover software they don’t know what they’d do without. To help realtors be more productive, we share some of the tech tools and software that can save them minutes to hours of work.With these tools, real estate agents will be able to spend more time with clients in their quest [...]