Sync History: Avoid or Restore Accidental Deletions

Sync History: Avoid or Restore Accidental Deletions

I was working with an app in which I could update notes on any computer or device and it’d sync across the board. When there’s a conflict, the app lets me know. Not this time. Long story short, I lost half of the information in one of the notes.

There was no getting it back. My brain — overwhelmed with remembering many things — couldn’t recall most of the missing items.

Thankfully, the list wasn’t critical to my personal or professional life. The same can’t be said for my Outlook contacts and calendar. I’ve seen events I *know* I put in Outlook calendar disappear. I’ve noticed cell phones and email addresses missing from contacts on my Android phone. I’m 100 percent sure I had the information at some point.

I’d enter events on my Android that would later disappear. This happened one too many times. I also noticed missing cell phone numbers and email addresses. I’m positive I entered the information.

Fed up with losing data, I looked for another solution to sync Android with Outlook. AkrutoSync did the trick. I especially like the history feature as it meant no more disappearing data.

No longer have I run into situations when I think: “I *know* I had a different email address for this person” or “I’m positive I had this person’s cell phone.”

AkrutoSync keeps a history of all changes across devices and PCs. It shows which device made changes and when. Sync history also lists what data was added, deleted or changed for each contact, appointment and task.

Akruto Sync: Added Contact Shown in Sync History

Figure 1: Added Contact Shown in Sync History

You can look at history by contact, calendar or task. Figure 1 shows the list of contacts that have been changed, added or deleted. Since Renee Allison has a plus sign by her name, she is a new contact. Select her name to see the added information. The minus sign indicates a deletion and the pencil represents a change.

Figure 2 shows that Colleen Wheeler’s information was changed. A mobile phone number and an email address were added to the contact. The business phone number was changed.

Akruto Sync: Added Contact Shown in Sync History

Figure 2: Modified Contact Shown in Sync History

AkrutoSync can save all versions of the data in history. I haven’t lost data again. Knock on wood. I also like AkrutoSync for the following:

  • Keep data secure by not synchronizing through the cloud.
  • Pay one time. Not a fan of recurring fees.
  • Retain all data. Nothing disappears or gets cut off.
  • Work with Android devices. I have an Android tablet. Unofficially, it works with iPad.
  • Sync automatically. Set it and forget it.

I also appreciated being able to try the full version of AkrutoSync free. This way I could make sure everything worked before I shelled out the bucks. When I decided to buy it, I didn’t have to download AkrutoSync again. After payment, Akruto sent me the code to enter and that was the last thing I had to do. It just works.

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