Sync Android with Outlook

Sync Android with Outlook

Because Google developed the Android operating system, Android phones naturally sync with Google Calendar and Contacts. Google stores this info in the cloud, something many people don’t want to do.

Sync Android With Outlook

Do a search for “sync Android without Google” or “sync Android without Google account” and you’ll notice that people want a way to work around it. Furthermore, Google shut down its calendar Sync, which compelled people to look to seek a Google Calendar sync alternative.

Many Android users ask me how to access Outlook Contacts on Android and how to sync the two without going through the cloud. Yes, it’s possible to sync Outlook with your Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Sony Xperia Z3, Motorola Droid Turbo, Motorola Moto X or other Android phone or tablet. Read on to learn more.

How AkrutoSync works with Microsoft Outlook

You won’t need to buy an expensive exchange server to sync Outlook with your Android. Instead, Akruto comes with a built-in feature that mimics a personal exchange server on a Windows PC computer or laptop. Setting this up doesn’t require technical knowledge.

When you install AkrutoSync, you’ll follow the step-by-step instructions to create your faux personal exchange server. To get an idea of how the set up works, here are directions to set up your Samsung Galaxy with Outlook. (This works with other Android phones and tablets.)

Akruto provides you with Outlook Android sync that’s:

  • Private: Your information isn’t shared with Google Cloud. Your private data syncs over an encrypted Wi-Fi (no data plan) or Internet (data plan) connection.
  • Reliable: No information is ever cut off or vanishes.
  • Complete: Akruto always syncs your data … completely. This includes contact’s photos, contact’s notes, long entries, everything.
  • Seamless: Your data in Outlook for PC syncs directly with your Android’s built-in contacts and calendar apps. As for Notes and Tasks sync, I’ll cover this in a moment.
  • Automatic: Your information syncs continuously and wirelessly.

Since more people own multiple devices, you’ll be able to sync unlimited compatible devices with AkrutoSync. It’s compatible with Microsoft Outlook 2013 through 2002 (Office XP). The only exception is an unusual variant of Outlook 2010 setup, called click-to-run. click-to-run installation of Outlook 2010. Akruto also works with Outlook 2013 click-to-run, as well as with regular Outlook 2013 installs.

Compatible devices that sync with Outlook:

  • Android devices.
  • IOS including iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.
  • Windows Tablets.
  • Windows Phone.

Sync Android with Outlook wirelessly

Another feature some people seek in an Android to Outlook sync solution is the ability to sync wirelessly. Customers said it was important to keep devices updated automatically and continuously. You probably keep a lot of private information in Outlook.

Akruto doesn’t store any information in Google,, iCloud, any other cloud service and does not have its own cloud service. There’s zero cloud involved with AkrutoSync. No worrying about these services going down or getting hacked to where you can’t access your data or lose it.

While syncing with a USB cable can be the most secure, it has several problems:

  • Having to plug in USB cable every day to sync.
  • It’s not automatic so your devices won’t be constantly updated.

That’s why the team developed Akruto to sync Android with Outlook wirelessly. Akruto’s wireless sync is not a compromise between convenience and security. It ensures you get the best of both worlds.

Does Akruto sync with my [fill in the blank] phone?

Akruto works with all Android phones. Yes, that includes the popular:

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4.
  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Samsung Galaxy S5
  • Sony Xperia Z3.
  • Motorola Droid Turbo.
  • Motorola Moto X.
  • … and many more.

See a list of supported Android phones.

Sync Outlook Calendar with Android devices

Some sync software applications add a calendar app to Android phones and tablets. Why do that when your phone already has a calendar that’s integrated with your Android?

You may have already started using your phone’s calendar. You can keep right on using it. Akruto can sync all of your past, current and future appointments between Outlook and the Android’s own calendar app.

Some apps don’t correctly send Outlook calendar to Android. For example, you might have exceptions for a recurring appointment. Akruto treats exceptions in the same way Outlook does. Other apps ignore the exceptions and either duplicate recurring appointments or only show one occurrence.

Sync Outlook Contacts with Android

Akruto syncs Outlook Contacts with the Android’s own Contacts app. Just like with calendar, some sync solutions add a contacts app to your Android.

Having two Calendar apps can be confusing, which can make it harder to know how to access contacts on Android. Plus, the added Calendar may not work with the Android’s integrated features.

Sync Outlook Tasks and Notes with Android

Not all Android devices come with an app to manage tasks. You can sync Outlook Tasks with Android using Tasks & Notes for MS Exchange or TouchDown. AkrutoSync works with both apps. And neither uses a web-based service that requires a login or save your information in the cloud.

See sync Outlook with Notes and Tasks for more info.

Samsung Kies Alternative

If you own a Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Samsung Galaxy S4 or other Samsung tablet or phone, you can use Samsung Kies to sync media and information. Unfortunately, Samsung Kies problems are the norm not the exception. You can use AkrutoSync as a Kies alternative for all your personal information management sync needs.

Note that Akruto does not sync videos, music and photos (except for contacts’ photos). It syncs all your Microsoft Outlook information … correctly … every time … without breaking anything else.

Outlook Android sync done easy

As you now know, Akruto is reliable and syncs everything. There’s a fail-safe feature in place to ensure you never lose anything whether intentional or not. This sync history feature allows you to restore deleted or changed information.

It should be effortless to get your Outlook calendar on your Android. It should not take up your valuable time, it should not require constant manual updates and it should not add more apps to your Android. Most importantly, it should always transfer all of your information.

When you use Akruto to send Outlook calendar to Android, you are more productive, spend no time dealing with sync after installing the software and enjoy peace of mind as it syncs everything across all your connected devices.

You only have to do three things — maybe even just two things — with Akruto:

  1. Install AkrutoSync.
  2. Follow Akruto’s easy instructions to update your info when your computer’s IP address changes.
  3. Restore changes and deletions with sync history — if needed.

You can check out Akruto before you buy to see how easy it is to get your Outlook calendar on your Android. Give it a shot. You don’t have anything to lose as you can try the full version free for seven days. If you’d like help with installing it, our 24/7 support team would be glad to guide you through it and show you how to access Outlook Contacts on Android.

Learn more about sync Android with Microsoft Outlook

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  • John Allen February 12, 2015 at 12:36 am

    I can HIGHLY recommend this product; not only because it actually does what it says it can do BUT more importantly the Support Staff well and truly go far and beyond any other Team I have ever encounter in my 40 years in business.
    Well done Support Team….. Keep up the good work!