Sync Outlook Calendar and Contacts with Phone

Sync Outlook Calendar and Contacts with Phone

You have many third party software options to help you sync Outlook calendar and contacts with your phone. The synchronization solution that best meets your needs depends on what you want to sync and what method you use to sync. The method is a big one for many people, as some don’t want to go through the cloud. Some want to use cables and some don’t.

Sync Outlook Calendar and Contacts width Phone

Sync Outlook Calendar Features

Start by figuring out what features you need and your tech requirements. Once you have your list of features, jump to sync Outlook Calendar with Phone software.

What information do you want to sync?
  • Outlook calendar
  • Google calendar
  • Outlook calendar, contacts, tasks and notes
  • Google and Outlook calendars
  • Google and Outlook contacts
What operating system do your device(s) have?
  • Android
  • BlackBerry
  • iOS
  • Windows Phone
  • Multiple
What type of device(s) do you want to sync?
  • Phone
  • Tablet
  • Computer
  • All of the above
What’s your computer’s operating system?
  • Mac
  • Windows
  • Both
How do you want to sync? What are your privacy needs?
  • Bluetooth
  • Cloud (Beware: Sync with Google is always through the cloud)
  • Secure, encrypted Internet
  • USB cable
  • Wi-Fi
Which way do you want to sync?
  • One-way.
  • Two-way.
Do you want automatic or manual sync? 
What type of license do you need?
  • Run on multiple computers.
  • Run on one computer with multiple devices.
  • Run on multiple computers and devices.
Do you want to sync with device’s native apps?Some apps install their own calendar, contacts, tasks and notes apps on phone.
What is the policy for software updates?
  • License includes free updates for one year.
  • License includes free unlimited updates.
What language do you want supported? 
What are you willing to spend on features? 
Is there a money back guarantee? 
What are the support options?
  • Online chat
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Forums
Is there a free trial? What are its limitations?
  • Some free trials give you full access to the software for a set time.
  • Some free trials limit how much you can sync.

When you have a short list of sync Outlook calendar software options, search the Internet for impartial reviews. For some users, customer service is important. A good way to gauge that is to check the companies’ social media accounts and forums to see how responsive they are to questions and feedback.

Sync Outlook Calendar with Phone Software

We hope the features list has helped you narrow your needs so that you find one or two potential sync software solutions to try.

SoftwarePriceOutlookGoogleDevice OSComputer OSSync methodUse cloudAutomatic or manual syncSync with phone’s native appsInstallationTrial optionLicense
AkrutoSync$29.95Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, NotesNoAndroid, Windows Phone (iOS in the works)Win PCSSL-encrypted Internet, Wi-fiNoAutomaticYesWin PCFull software for 7 days1 Win PC, unlimited devices
AndroidSync$29.95 (personal)
$49.95 (business)
Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, NotesNoAndroidWin PCUSBNoManualNoWin PCLimited featuresDepends on edition
CompanionLink$49.95Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, NotesYesAndroid, BlackBerry, iOS, Windows PhoneWin PC or MacBluetooth, Wi-Fi, USBYes and noBothNoMac or Win PCFull software for 14 days3 computers
gSyncit$19.99Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, NotesYesAndroid, iOSWin PCGoogle cloudYesAutomaticDepends on sync with GoogleAdd-in for Outlook on Windows PCLimited features1 Win PC, unlimited devices
Outlook4Gmail$19.99Calendar, ContactsYesGoogle compatible devicesWin PCGoogle cloudYesAutomaticDepends on sync with GoogleAdd-in for Outlook on Windows PCLimited features1 Win PC
Sync2$39.95Calendar, ContactsYesAndroid, BlackBerry, iOS, Windows PhoneWin PCFTP, LAN, USBYesAutomaticDepends on sync with GoogleWin PCFull software for 14 days1 Win PC
The Missing Sync$19.95 (iOS)
$29.95 (Android)
Calendar (Android), Contacts (Android), Tasks (iOS, Android), Notes (iOS, Android)NoAndroid, iOSWin PC, MacBluetooth, Wi-Fi, USBNoManualContacts only (Android)Mac or Win PCNone1 computer

Please leave a comment telling us what solution you use to sync Outlook Calendar and other personal information with your phone and why you chose it.

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  • CorpFi December 17, 2014 at 4:49 pm

    If you could evolve your product towards including the syncing of PC’s and mobile android devices on the same wifi network that would rock my world. I work out of a home office, and have 5 laptops that are similarly configured (windows 7/8.1, office 2010 or office 365 apps, dropbox for cloud storage and syncing data files). Outlook 2010/13 is on all of the laptops and accessing all the same IMAP email accounts. Problem is: I work with different laptops for different purposes. Some are high power quadcores for intense financial model processing, while i use a Surface Pro 3 to run to meetings. Your product syncs to one PC that must be on, its outlook client on and up-to-date. But that doesn’t provide me with up-to-date calendar and contact info across all PC’s. I need a second product, like sync2pst to sync between the PC’s after the one is synced via Akruto, but that introduces the possibility of conflicts which i’d like to avoid. Just some thoughts.

    • Vincent March 31, 2015 at 8:19 am

      CorpFi, you hit the nail on the head.
      I noticed Sync2 and Akruto conflict which results in sync on sync, so your concern proved to be correct. It would be welcomed if Akruto would expand to syncing pc’s on the same network as well. I have scanned the whole market, it would be THE solution many are looking for. The only alternative remains a MS Exchange Server.