Sync Outlook Contacts with Android

An automatic and easy way to sync Outlook Contacts with Android phones and tablets is to use Outlook sync software like AkrutoSync. You simply download and install the Windows PC software and Akruto takes care of the rest. What the app does is wirelessly transfer your Outlook contacts on your computer to your Android and vice versa.

Sync Outlook contacts with Android

Once set up, you can expect your Outlook contacts to always be updated between your computer and phone. Read what customers have to say about Akruto in these Outlook sync software reviews. Here’s one:

“I installed Akruto after trying to sync my Outlook Contacts and Calendar with my Android phone unsuccessfully with three other types of software. Akruto is the only software that worked! Thank you for the excellent installation instructions, too.” Kimberly S.

Here are the advantages of using AkrutoSync:

  • Syncs Android Outlook contacts wirelessly and automatically.
  • Uses built-in Android Contacts and Calendar apps.
  • Supports many versions of Microsoft Outlook.
  • Omits need for expensive Microsoft Exchange server.
  • Works with many devices, not just Android.
  • Keeps your information out of the cloud.
  • Copies and saves everything.

Syncs Android Outlook contacts wirelessly and automatically

People want a way to sync Outlook with Android without needing to take out a USB cable and pressing a button. Syncing through USB requires connecting the cable often and telling it to sync. It’s the only way to ensure your computer and devices have the latest contact information. This process quickly becomes tedious especially if you want to make sure your phone always has the latest changes.

Automatically transferring Outlook contacts between home computer and Android ensures everything is always up to date with no effort on your part. But how do you do that without the manual USB process or storing your information in the cloud? With AkrutoSync, you enjoy 100 percent wireless and cloudless sync.

Akruto does not store any of your private contact information in the cloud and never sees your data. The data moves directly between PC and device through a secure Internet or Wi-Fi connection. This wireless sync process is secure and convenient.

Uses built-in Android Contacts and Calendars apps

Here’s a feature many people don’t think about when looking for Outlook sync software. Not all software products use your Android’s own built-in Contacts and Calendar apps. Instead, they add their own apps, thereby creating chaos. Because of this, it can be confusing when you want to look up a contact and remembering which app has your latest contact information.

Wouldn’t it be more efficient to use your Android’s own Contacts and Calendar apps? Since they come with the phone, they work with the phone’s integrated features. This allows you to do tasks in as few steps as possible.

For example, when you look up a contact on your Android, you can call that person from there without going to the dialer. It can open a map with one click on the person’s address to show you how to get there. You can even share the contact’s information by Bluetooth, email, messaging, Google drive and so on. All these integrated features are available when you use Akruto to sync Outlook contacts with the Android’s own Contacts app.

“I followed the few steps in the easy to follow instructions, and it just worked. The interface was also very easy to understand. What I like best is it uses the native Android apps.” Jack T

Supports many versions of Microsoft Outlook

Akruto supports the following versions of Outlook:

  • Microsoft Outlook 2002.
  • Microsoft Outlook 2003.
  • Microsoft Outlook 2007.
  • Microsoft Outlook 2010.
  • Microsoft Outlook 2013.

“Very pleased with the support and the seamless synchronization of my Outlook 2007 Contacts and Calendar between my laptop and Android phone. Just what I was looking for.” Paul H

Omits need for expensive Microsoft Exchange server

According to a survey from the University of Phoenix Business School, about 40 percent of professionals want to start their own business. They’re becoming entrepreneurs for greater flexibility, financial security, control over their careers and other reasons.

The Rolodex is one of the most important things for a startup and small businesses. It’s the key to finding customers, investors, partners and employees. Except maybe for the rare few, no one uses the old-fashioned Rolodex. Most people rely on Microsoft Outlook or their phone’s contacts app.

Business owners, solopreneurs and freelancers need a reliable way to sync Android with Outlook Contacts. It’s not acceptable for them to discover cut-off or missing data. How many times has this happened to you when you swore you had someone’s number in your phone only to find it wasn’t there?

One way to make sure they have their important contacts with them everywhere is to buy an expensive Microsoft Exchange server to sync Microsoft Outlook with Android. Not only is an Exchange server pricey, but also it’s complicated to set up. The good news is that you don’t need one when you use Akruto to sync Outlook with Android devices. It automatically moves Outlook contacts between computer and Android by acting like a Microsoft Exchange server. And it’s far more affordable than a server.

“I asked many people, even IT guys at work, how to get Outlook into Android. No one knew how without paying a monthly fee for Microsoft Exchange. I just happened to find your service while searching on the web. Tried the seven-day trial and it works PERFECT! Love it and so easy to use on all my devices. Now I get to tell all my friends and coworkers about it. Thanks for your service.” – Bob S

Works with many devices, not just Android

Nowadays, it’s common to own multiple mobile devices. You can do more than sync Android with Outlook as Akruto works with all your compatible connected devices. You have no limit on the number of devices you sync with Microsoft Outlook as one Akruto license covers unlimited devices. No more re-entering addresses and other contact information in multiple places.

Compatible devices that sync with Outlook (linked items have instructions on set up or more info):

Keeps your information out of the cloud

More and more people are looking to steer clear of storing their private information in the cloud as much as possible. After hearing about Google Mail being hacked, they don’t want to risk their private information becoming public. (Yes, it can even be hacked with two-factor authentication.)

You may work in a profession that requires you to take extra care of where you keep client and patient information. If such information is leaked to the public, it could mean hefty fines or losing your license.

Copies and saves everything

If privacy isn’t as big a concern for you, duplication or incomplete information may be. There have been reports that syncing with the cloud leads to multiple duplicated entries. Who has time to clean that up? People who sync their contacts with the cloud report that they’re missing contact information or it’s cut-off.

Akruto’s superpower is that it syncs everything including contact photos and long notes. And if you accidentally delete or change information, it’s not lost for good. The sync history feature lets you review changes and restore them, if needed. Using Akruto, you gain an effortless and private way to sync your contacts with your phone. None of your information touches the cloud.

Try the full version of Akruto free

Still wondering whether Akruto will sync Outlook with your Android phone? That’s why you can try Akruto free for seven days. This trial is the full version of the software without any limits.

One tip: Wait to install the software until you’re ready to sync every day for seven days. Sometimes people install it and forget about it. The trial begins after installation. You’re welcome to contact our 24/7 support if you want help getting started.