Sync Outlook contacts

Sync your Outlook Contacts using AkrutoSync

You can sync your Outlook contacts with your iPhone, Windows Phone and Android devices with AkrutoSync. No longer will you need to re-enter your contact’s information on each device. All of this syncs automatically, privately and continuously.

Synch Lumia with Outlook

With Akruto, you’ll access the same contact information from Outlook for PC on all your connected and compatible phones and tablets. It can also sync Outlook calendar with your phone.

Use your phone’s contact app

You won’t need a special app to look up your contacts on your phone. All of this information appears on your phone’s built-in address book app. So you won’t need to learn a new app. There’s also the bonus of being able to use all of your phone’s integrated features.

For example, on the iPhone, you can seamlessly “Share Contact” in a text message or email. On Windows Phone, contacts appear in the People Hub, built-in phone dialer and all the other places where contacts appear.

Akruto ensures contact information and other Outlook for PC data and all connected devices remain in sync. It stays out of your way allowing you to continue using all your phone’s features as you always have.

Some sync software programs install their own contacts app on your phone. Because of this, they can’t always take advantage of a phone’s integrated features. Plus, you could be stuck with two apps that do the same thing. The iPhone, for one, won’t let you delete its built-in Contacts app.

If you already know how to use your phone’s contacts app, you won’t need to learn another contacts app when you use Akruto to sync Outlook contacts with your phone.

What AkrutoSync can do for Outlook Contacts sync

AkrutoSync doesn’t just transfer your contacts from Outlook to your phone one time. It’s a complete two-way sync solution that allows you to add, update and delete contacts, calendar, notes and tasks in Outlook for Windows and on your phone. Any changes you make in either are synchronized. Both your phone and your computer will have your contacts’ current information.

You can sync with multiple devices as one license of AkrutoSync covers one computer and unlimited compatible devices. If you have an iPad and a Samsung Galaxy S4, you can sync both for no extra charge. If you have three devices … four … all compatible devices will sync.

Here’s what Akruto can sync between Outlook Contacts and your phone:

  • Contact photos.
  • All addresses.
  • All email addresses.
  • All phone numbers.
  • Birthdays.
  • Contact notes.

Akruto transfers all of a contact’s information. It even keeps a history of all changes, deletions and additions in sync history. If you inadvertently make a change, it’s not lost for good. Just open sync history to restore the information.

AkrutoSync protects your privacy

Another benefit of using Akruto to sync Outlook contacts with your phone is that it does not use the cloud. This includes Google, iCloud, or any other cloud service.

All of your contacts’ information syncs directly between Outlook and your devices over Wi-Fi or the Internet (uses phone’s data plan). Whichever you choose, all the data is synchronized over an encrypted connection.

You can see if AkrutoSync meets your needs by trying it free for seven days. Get AkrutoSync here.

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