Sync Xperia E5 with Outlook – The Easiest Way

Xperia E5

Sync Xperia E5 with calendars, contacts, notes and tasks from your Outlook

AkrutoSync allows seamless syncing between Xperia E5 and Microsoft Outlook. Transfer Outlook data to two-way between your Xperia E5 via Wi-Fi or over the Internet.
Here’s why you should try AkrutoSync for syncing Outlook with Xperia E5:

  • Retrieve data from “Outlook Calendar” and sync it with Xperia E5
  • Automatically sync contacts from Outlook with Xperia E5
  • Share your Outlook notes with any number of connected devices
  • Sync your Xperia E5 with Outlook via Wi-Fi or over the Internet

How to Sync Outlook with Xperia E5 – Step-by-Step Guide

Just a few years ago businesspeople carried a laptop on the road, used a desktop PC in the office, and worked on another PC at home. Today, people are no longer tied to any specific location or device and are free to roam while working on smartphones, laptops, and tablets. This mobility means access to important data across devices, platforms and apps is more critical than ever. Whether you’re using a PC or a Mac, it’s possible to sync your smartphone with the rest of your devices. Syncing your smartphone with Outlook eliminates the need to reenter data on multiple devices, and the challenge of accessing and sharing data from each of these platforms.

Step 1: Download software for syncing Outlook with Xperia E5

Install AkrutoSync on your PC and open the program.

Step 2: Configure computer to sync Outlook with Xperia E5

In the main window click on Configure AkrutoSync. On the next screen choose Sync over home network if you want to sync via Wi-Fi, or another option to sync over the Internet. Then, choose your operating system. From this step the program will guide you through the process of syncing your Xperia E5 with Outlook.

Step 3: Configure Xperia E5 to sync with Outlook

After you will finish PC configuration, start a browser on your Xperia E5 and follow the illustrations shown in AkrutoSync interface to install SSL certificate.

Step 4: Create login and password

Create a password to secure your connection so that only authorized mobile devices can connect to Outlook.

Step 5: Create an exchange account on Xperia E5

The final step is creating an Exchange ActiveSync account. Take your Xperia E5 and go to Settings. Add a new Microsoft Exchange account using credentials from the previous step.
That’s it! Wait for a few minutes while AkrutoSync syncs Outlook data with your Xperia E5.

Follow these guides for partial syncing of Outlook data with Xperia E5

Troubles with syncing Xperia E5 with Outlook?

Start a thread on our Support forum and receive a prompt answer from our technicians.
Or check this Galaxy S7 video to see how AkrutoSync works with Android smartphones.

About Xperia E5

Xperia E5 key specs:
Screen: 5″, IPS, 1280×720 RAM: 1.5 GB
Processor: MediaTek MTK6735 (1.3 GHz) Internal memory: 16 GB
Rear camera: 5 MP Battery: 2700 mAh
Front camera: 13 MP OS: Android 6.0 (Marshmallow)
The Sony Xperia E5 runs on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow and provides a solid design, on a 5-inch touch-screen display, at an affordable price. It sports a non-removable battery, which provides almost 24 hours of regular use just with a single charge. Xperia E5’s narrow bezels make it a comfortable fit for the hand. With some of Sony’s attractive and iconic design, it is bright, fairly powerful, has a decent camera, and is easy to use.

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