Sync Xperia Z5 with Outlook via Wi-Fi or Internet

Xperia Z5

Sync Xperia Z5 with Outlook contacts, calendars, notes and tasks

With AkrutoSync you can sync Xperia Z5 with MS Outlook. Transfer Outlook data to your Xperia Z5 via Wi-Fi or over the Internet.
Here’s why you should try AkrutoSync for syncing Outlook with Xperia Z5:

  • Import your Outlook calendar data to Xperia Z5 in a few minutes
  • Make your Outlook contacts sync with your Xperia Z5 over the air
  • Manage Outlook notes from your Xperia Z5 while you are away from your PC
  • Sync your Xperia Z5 with Outlook via Wi-Fi or Internet

How to sync Xperia Z5 with your desktop Outlook

The Xperia Z5 is one of the reasons why many people are still in love with Sony devices. In this smartphone Sony tried to fix all the common issues of previous models from Z Series. Despite all this great work Sony did before releasing Xperiz Z5, there’s still no good native interface for synchronization with Outlook. Lack of this feature makes thousands of people search for alternative software to sync their smartphone with Outlook. The following guide shows the fastest way to share your Outlook data between your PC and Xperia Z5. These steps demonstrate how to sync Xperia Z5 with Outlook via Wi-Fi. However, if you need syncing over the Internet to replace the Cloud, AkrutoSync will help you as well.

Step 1: Download Xperia Z5 to Outlook syncing software

Download and install AkrutoSync on your computer. Then, connect your Xperian Z5 and PC to the same Wi-Fi hotspot.

Step 2: Configure PC to sync Outlook with Xperia Z5

In the main window click on Configure AkrutoSync. On the next screen choose Sync over home network if you want to sync via Wi-Fi or different option to sync over the Internet. Then, choose your operating system. From this step the program will guide you through the process of syncing your Xperia Z5 with Outlook.

Step 3: Configure Xperia Z5 to sync with Outlook

After you finish PC configuration, start a browser on your Xperia Z5 and follow the illustrations in AkrutoSync interface to install SSL certificate.

Step 4: Create login and password to secure your connection

Create a password to secure your connection so that only authorized mobile devices can connect to Outlook. That means only you can acess your desktop Outlook from your Xperia Z5. If you have another Z5 and want to sync both smartphones with your Outlook, you will have to configure each device separately.

Step 5: Create an exchange account on Xperia Z5

The final step is creating an Exchange ActiveSync account. Go to Settings of your Xperia Z5 and add a new Microsoft Exchange account using credentials from the previous step. That’s it!
Wait for a few minutes while AkrutoSync syncs data from Outlook with your Xperia Z5.

Follow these guides for partial sync Outlook data with Xperia Z5

Troubles with syncing Xperia Z5 with Outlook?

Start a thread on our Support forum and receive a prompt answer from our technicians.
Watch this Galaxy S7 video to get more details on how easy it is to synchronize any Android smartphone with Outlook using AkrutoSync.

About Xperia Z5

Xperia Z5 key specs:
Screen: 5″, IPS, 1920×1080 RAM: 3 GB
Processor: Snapdragon 810 Internal memory: 32 GB
Rear camera: 5 MP Battery: 2900 mAh
Front camera: 23 MP OS: Android 6.0 (Marshmallow)
The Xperia Z5 is a great smartphone with good battery life, waterproofing, and fairly high-quality front facing speakers. It has the elegant Sony-style design and comes with fast software and pre-installed productivity and entertainment apps. The biggest new feature of this model is a fingerprint scanner which does a pretty good job taking into account its size. Another great thing in Xperia Z5 is its screen. Thanks to Bravia Mobile Engine screen technology it’s surprisingly usable in bright light and has some fantastic viewing angles.
The only real con of this model is its price. Although the Xperia Z5 is a good device with great camera fast processor and clead design, you’ll have to ask yourself if it’s worth it’s price tag.

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