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Samsung Kies Alternative

5 Samsung Kies Alternatives to Sync Outlook with Androids

The comments below are from a number of Samsung and Android forums, leaving many looking for a Samsung Kies alternative.“Samsung Kies not working.” (This shows up a lot.)“I am having problem Samsung Kies not connecting.”“Can’t get Kies firmware upgrade working.”“I have the latest version of Kies, but it won’t connect to my phone. I get the message ‘Your device does not support Kies v2.0.’”These [...]

Alternative to Kies

Alternative to Kies

If you’ve used Kies to sync your contacts, calendar and tasks with your Samsung devices, you’ve probably run into some issues. Kies just doesn’t seem to work for a lot of customers. AkrutoSync is a powerful and convenient alternative to Kies. Here are some of the issues that have arisen and why AkrutoSync is your best bet for a Kies alternative.Kies has a problem [...]