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    James Tramutolo


    Bravo on the upgrade to 5218. Works fantastic. I like it sitting in the tray!

    I ordinarily put my PC in Hibernate overnight as this is consistent with my UPS protocol. When I awake the PC in the AM or whenever, I am greeted with a minimized window of AkrutoSync in the taskbar. I then have to open it, close it and respond to the dialog in the tray. This does not happen when I either restart or shutdown the computer.

    Small inconvenience, nevertheless, a total time waster.


    WiFi Sync
    Win10 1607
    iPhone 5

    I am using Version 5218





    Thank you for your kind words, James. Starting with 5.2.19, you can disable the notification popup near the clock. To disable it, click “Open Data Directory” in AkrutoSync, find the file config.txt and edit the file. Specifically, change iconize.show.balloon=true to iconize.show.balloon=false. Restart AkrutoSync for the change to take effect.





    Thank you. That worked!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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