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    Luke Hartog



    I’m using Outlook 365 under Windows 10 v 22H2 build 19045.3324 and an iPhone 13 with iOS 17.2.1. All updates to Windows, Office 365 and iOS are automatic and are therefore fully up to date.

    The iPhone has stopped syncing altogether. I have checked the various settings in Akruto, and I have restarted the PC and the iPhone but with no success.

    Please assist.



    Akruto Support


    Hello Luke,

    Thank you for contacting us today and we are sorry that you are having problems.

    Please check the following:

    1. Make sure your phone is not on “Airplane Mode”

    2. Please open settings -> Wi-Fi on your phone and make sure it says “connected”. Not just “on”, but “connected” to the same network of your PC. If your PC or laptop is also using Wi-Fi make sure it is connected to the same Wi-Fi network that your phone is connected to. Also make sure that Mobile Data / Cellular Data is Turned OFF. Also, please make sure that both your devices are connected to the same 2.4 ghz or 5ghz router. This is usually indicated in the Wi-Fi name. (Example: Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz or Wi-Fi 5ghz)

    3. Turn off any VPN on both your computer and mobile devices. Some VPN’s comes with your Firewall or Anti-Virus software.

    4. Your firewall may be preventing the connection. You can try disabling other than the Windows Firewall, please make sure Akruto is listed as “allowed”. If this does not work, completely turn off your firewall and then try again.

    If the following did not help, please send us a screenshot of AkrutoSync window via email to support@akruto.com for further troubleshooting steps.

    Raphael Gonzales
    Technical Support Specialist

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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