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    Rob Franks


    Using akrutosync, Outlook 365, and iOS. For some reason Outlook is adding HTML to the Notes when akruto syncs them to iOS (I can see it in the Synch History window). Unfortunately it often picks a white text color, which makes it impossible to read on the iOS side. There doesn’t seem to be any option in Outlook to set the font/color. I have been able to fix a note by copying the text to Word, changing the font color there to black, and pasting it back into the note, but that doesn’t always seem to stick.

    Anybody else run into this and find a solution?



    Akruto Support


    Hi Rob

    We are sorry that you encounter this problem.

    To clarify, does the Notes in your Outlook are enclosed with “<” and “>” sign? Are these notes recently added from your phone and you tried to edit it in your Outlook?

    In order to help you better, please take a screenshot of your AkrutoSync main window and the notes from your Outlook and phone for comparison and send it via email to support@akruto.com

    Raphael Gonzales

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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