What You Need to Know to Get Outlook Data on Windows Phone 10

What You Need to Know to Get Outlook Data on Windows Phone 10

No matter how well Windows Phone 10 does or doesn’t do, one thing’s for sure: it gives you the most unified Microsoft Windows 10 experience. If you love using Microsoft Outlook, Word, and other Microsoft products, using them will be a breeze if you upgrade everything to Windows 10.

Sync Outlook data on Windows 10 Mobile

One of its biggest differentiators is the ability to work across all platforms, from your Windows PC to your tablet and smartphone. Unlike past operating systems, Windows 10 Mobile is not a stand-alone operating system. It runs the same core operating system as Windows 10 for desktops and laptops.

Developers can build universal apps that run on all Windows 10 platforms without having to create a separate app for mobile and desktop. Developers can use the bulk of the code for all platforms and create tailored experiences for the different types of platforms, if they wish.

To take unification a step further, Windows 10 has introduced Continuum. This feature automatically adjusts Universal Apps based on the size of the display they appear on. If you hook your Windows Phone 10 to a monitor, keyboard, and mouse, your phone instantly becomes a desktop. What you see on the monitor’s screen will be different than what you see on your phone.

This video shows how Windows 10 transforms from a laptop to a tablet.

And get this. Even with all this unification and continuation, your Microsoft Outlook Calendar, Contacts, Notes, and Tasks data still doesn’t sync across devices. Not. Kidding.

It’s a job for third party software.

The problem with most third party software

Obviously, we’re biased. But we wouldn’t be in this business if we had found high quality software that can automatically, privately, and wirelessly sync Outlook with Windows Mobile 10. George Tatar, our CEO and founder, had his entire life in Outlook PC. He simply wanted to sync Outlook contacts and calendar with his Windows Phone.

The solutions he looked at had all or some of the following problems:

  • Synced information with the cloud.
  • Failed to sync everything.
  • Cut off notes.
  • Added calendar and contacts apps to Windows Phone.
  • Didn’t work with phone’s own contacts and calendar apps.
  • Had missing information.
  • Needed USB cable to sync.
  • Required user to manually sync.

Some third party apps say they can sync everything: photos, videos, text messages, Outlook data, etc. These tend to flounder because they’re trying to do everything. As a result, the apps don’t work or cause a lot of problems. Search the forums to get an idea. (Try “itunes outlook sync,” “iphone outlook sync” or “Samsung Smart Switch not working .”

This prompted George to develop AkrutoSync. While working on it, he learned other users had the same problem and they were interested in his software.

And that’s how Akruto, Inc. came to be.

A better way to sync Windows Phone 10 with Outlook

Akruto can sync Outlook Calendar, Contacts, Notes, and Tasks with Windows Phone 10. It does not, however, sync emails because all phones come with this capability.

Because Akruto syncs Outlook data and nothing else, it works very well. To try to sync other things would mean making sacrifices. Your contacts, appointments, notes, and to dos are too important to sacrifice.

Here’s what happens when you use Akruto:

  • You forget about Outlook sync because it happens automagically: automatically and wirelessly.
  • Your information stays private because it stays off the cloud.
  • You stop spending time searching for solutions to Outlook sync not working.
  • Your Outlook data is up-to-date on all the devices connected to Akruto.
  • You keep using your devices’ own Calendar, Contacts, Notes, and Tasks apps.
  • Your phone stays clean because you don’t add any new apps to sync Outlook.

Stop re-entering data or dealing with sync that doesn’t work. Get more things done with Akruto. Just install and let Akruto do the rest.

Once you add Akruto to your team, you completely unify your Windows 10 Mobile experience. You can work the way you want to not because you have to.

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  • Steve April 14, 2016 at 7:06 am

    OK – Having used AkrutoSync for several years to sync my Outlook data with my phone, now, I have a problem. Not of Akruto’s making.
    My Windows Mobile 10 phone does not have “tasks” covered. This is important to me, and it’s also important that if I use a third party app for tasks, that Akruto handles syncing that app with Outlook tasks on my laptop.
    Are there any plans / advice etc in the pipeline about this?

    • Akruto Support April 15, 2016 at 10:00 am

      We know of two Windows Phone apps that can sync tasks with AkrutoSync. You can use Viperal Tasks or Tasks at Last.

      • Steve May 1, 2016 at 10:30 pm

        I’m giving Viperal Tasks a shot – it seemed more current than Tasks at Last.
        I’ll add a comment here once I’ve tested it.

  • Mike P August 30, 2016 at 2:34 pm

    I currently sync my Windows 10 PC Outlook with my Samsung Note 4 and that is great, but I also need to sync with my Windows 10 notebook PC. Can you give instructions for adding the notebook to the sync?

    • Akruto Support August 31, 2016 at 4:50 pm

      Hi Mike,
      The normal setup is installed in AkrutoSync on the primary computer where Outlook is running, and multiple “devices” connect to this one computer. The “device can be a phone or a tablet, but if your laptop is running on Windows 8.1 / 8.0 / 10 or Outlook 2013 / 2016 then it can also act as a “device” . You can contact us by clicking Support in the menu above, so I can send you specific instructions.