How to Easily Save and Share iPhone Contacts

How to Easily Save and Share iPhone Contacts

It’s very simple to save a new contact to an iPhone. Or you can add on to one that already exists. You have multiple options for saving and sharing iPhone contacts. These steps also work for the iPad.

How to save iPhone contacts

You can save contacts you receive in a text message by pressing and holding the phone number until a menu pops up. Select “Add to Contacts.” A new contact entry appears.

Save contacts received in a text message

On the new entry, select “Create New Contact” or “Add to Existing Contact.”

Save contacts received in a text message by creating a new contact or adding to an existing contact

For a new contact, the iPhone opens a new entry and fills in the phone number for you. Just add the rest of the information and select “Done” to close the screen. The iPhone takes you back to your SMS conversation.

Automatically filled-in contact information for iPhone contacts

Selecting “Add to Existing Contact” brings up all your contacts. Search for and select the contact. The iPhone will fill in the phone number for you and allow you to make edits. When you’ve finished, select “Update” and you’re done.

Add data to existing contact on iPhone

How to share iPhone contacts

A friend asks if you have someone’s phone number. You do. You have two ways you can share a contact with a friend through your iPhone.


On your iPhone or iPad, open the Contacts app. Search for the person whose information you want to share.

Select “Share Contact” and “Message” to share it through a text message. Or select “Mail” to send it by email. Whichever you do, this sends the contact information as a vCard, which is compatible with many contacts apps. The following image shows the vCard in a text message.

Share iPhone contact as a vCard

If the recipient of the vCard is on an iPhone, he or she selects the vCard as and it’ll to “Create New Contact,” “Add to Existing Contact” or “Update Contact [person’s name].”

Share iPhone contact as a vCard

If you send the vCard by email, some email apps allow people to select the vCard to copy it to their contacts.

Copy / paste

The second way you can share the contact’s information is by copying it. You may have other contact information or notes that you don’t want to share. In this case, you can copy and paste the phone number or info you want to share.

To do this, open Contacts and find the contact. Select the Contact and simply press and hold the phone number until “Copy” appears and select it. To paste it in a text message, email or wherever you wish to share it, press and hold until “Paste” appears and select it.

Share iPhone contact by copying and pasting

Sharing iPhone contacts is just one way to take advantage of your phone’s integrated features. If you add a different contacts app, you may not have the benefit of integrated features like this.

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