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Export your iCloud calendar as an iCal file

Last update: June 27, 2022

To import an iCloud Calendar to Microsoft Outlook, you will first have to export your iCloud calendar into your computer as an iCal (.ics) file. Below are the steps.

1) Login to your iCloud calendar by typing into a browser on your computer. Use your registered Apple ID and password.

Export your iCloud Calendar - Login

2) Click on “Calendar”.

Export your iCloud Calendar - Open

3) Publicly share the calendar you want to export by clicking on the signal icon beside the calendar name, and click “Public Calendar”.

Export your iCloud Calendar - Public Calendar

4) Select and copy the web address from the calendar that you want to export and paste it to your browser’s address bar. You should notice that it begins with the text, “webcal”. Replace “webcal” with “https” and then press Enter. This will initiate the download of your iCloud calendar as an iCal (.ics) file.

Export your iCloud Calendar - Calendar URL

5) Your iCloud calendar should now be downloaded as an iCal (.ics) file. It should show up in your internet browser’s Downloads folder.

Export your iCloud Calendar - Download

You can import this file into Outlook. Once your data is in Outlook, you can use AkrutoSync to keep your data synced between Outlook and your devices (Android, iOS (iPad/iPhone/iPod), or even Windows Phone).

Now that you have your calendar in a .ical file on your computer, you can import your calendar into Outlook.