Sync Outlook Tasks with Android

Sync Outlook Tasks with Android

Some Androids like the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 come with a task app and some don’t. Users whose Android phones come with a task app discover it won’t sync with Outlook PC. And Outlook power users who don’t have a task app want to find a way how to sync Android with Outlook Tasks.

Sync Outlook tasks with Android

The good news is that it’s possible to sync Outlook Tasks with Android phones using third party software like AkrutoSync. When you do, you won’t have to enter tasks in multiple places. Akruto is Windows PC software that offers automatic, continuous and private two-way sync directly between home computer and phone.

Using Akruto, you’ll see your Microsoft Outlook for PC tasks on all your connected phones, phablets and tablets. It can also sync Outlook calendar with Android as well as Contacts and Notes.

What it takes to sync Outlook Tasks with Android

The answer depends on your Android phone. You can sync Outlook Tasks with Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and some other Samsung phones, tablets and phablets. For Android phones that don’t come with a task app, you have a couple of options.

Android task apps that sync with Outlook PC:

  • Tasks & Notes for MS Exchange: This droid app includes both tasks and notes and supports GTD.
  • TouchDown: Providing more than 80 percent Outlook functionality, this Android app can sync with Outlook Tasks and Notes.

Both apps will let you view and create tasks on your Android and Akruto will transfer them to your home computer with Outlook for PC and vice versa.

Before you install AkrutoSync, decide if you want to use Wi-Fi or Internet to sync your information. Wi-Fi is easier and doesn’t use your phone’s data plan. If you need it, you have a secure Internet connection as an option for data transfer.

How to install a task app on Android

Have you decided which app you want to use? You can’t go wrong with either, but one is bound to better meet your Outlook Notes and Tasks needs.

You can learn how to sync Android with Outlook Notes and Tasks here. This article contains step-by-step guidance for installing these two apps.

How Akruto keeps your information private

When you use AkrutoSync to transfer Outlook tasks to your phone, it does not use Google cloud, Office365 or or any other cloud service.

All of your tasks transfer directly between Outlook PC and your Android over Wi-Fi or the Internet, depending on which option you pursue. Both options use an encrypted connection.

There’s no risk to you because you can try the full version of Akruto free for seven days. Then you can decide if you like it before you buy. Get AkrutoSync here and give it a go.

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  • David November 4, 2016 at 6:45 pm

    How to view tasks from Outlook 2010 on my Android 6.0 tablet?

    • Akruto Support November 5, 2016 at 5:42 pm

      Hello David,
      Some Android tablets, like the popular Samsung ones show tasks as a tab in their built-in calendar app. Some others, like HTC, come with a dedicated tasks app. Still others don’t have a built-in tasks app, in which case you need to install it on your Android device first. You can use either Touchdown app or Tasks and Notes for Exchange app. Both apps are officially supported by AkrutoSync. Then, install AkrutoSync on your PC and go through a simple setup process illustrated in the interface. You can set AkrutoSync to sync only notes. To do that, choose appropriate option on the 4th screen of the interface.

  • Amin December 15, 2016 at 8:11 pm

    Will work if I only have MS Outlook but not MS Exchange?