How to Sync Smartphone to Computer or PC Using AkrutoSync

How to Sync Smartphone to Computer or PC Using AkrutoSync

Are you looking for a direct,reliable and very efficient synchronization between your smartphone and your computer or PC? Then you have come to the right place, as AkrutoSync is the only automatic, cloud-free and accurate program for synchronizing Outlook Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, and Notes on your PC and your smartphone. AkrutoSync supports all types of Windows and Android smartphones, such as Nokia Lumia 920, HTC 8X,Nokia Lumia 820,Nokia Lumia 1020, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Note II, Samsung Galaxy Note III, HTC One, and others.

Sync Phone with Computer

Sync Smartphone with Computer

Here is what you need to do to sync your smartphone to your computer. Visit this URL You can either download our 7-day Free Trial or Buy the full version for $24.95.  We accept payments via Credit Card and PayPal.

What should I do after downloading the file?

On your PC/Computer: After downloading the zip file, you need to extract its content and run the setup. When AkrutoSync opens, click on “Configure AkrutoSync” link and choose the network on which you want to sync your Smartphone. There are two options of syncing – You can sync over Internet or on your home network. Choose the option that best suits your requirement.

On your Smartphone: On your smartphone, launch the browser and go to the link provided during installation.  Just follow the procedure to finish the installation of AkrutoSync on your smartphone.

For detailed step-by-step installation guide, please refer to our documentation page.

Note: Please note that the set-up is a one-time process.


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