3 Ways to Sync with HTC One M9 and HTC One A9

3 Ways to Sync with HTC One M9 and HTC One A9

We can do everything on our devices that we can do on our desktops and laptops. Having our information with us at all times drives up productivity. When you need to information to do something, you should be able to find it right there on your phone or tablet.

3 Ways to Sync with HTC One M9 and HTC One A9

Syncing makes this possible. You have three options to sync calendar with HTC One M9 and A9. You can also sync contacts and other content.

Option 1: HTC Sync with Google

After you take the HTC One M9 or HTC One A9 out of the box, it’ll ask you to sign in to your Google account. Once done, the HTC One phones will automatically sync Google contacts, calendar and email. For many users, this isn’t acceptable because they don’t want to sync with the cloud or use Google for everything. You can turn this off in the HTC One settings.

Google Sync may be free, but sticking with cloud-sync apps causes the following problems:

  • Botches data during sync.
  • Creates duplicate entries.
  • Offers less reliable security.
  • Provides inconsistent service.
  • Stops working for good. (Google Calendar Sync, for example.)
  • Increases complexity.

“Setting up and using Akruto Sync has been simplicity itself,” says Peter G. “It worked perfectly first time and does everything that is claimed for it. Highly recommended, so much less trouble than syncing through the cloud etc.”

Option 2: HTC Sync Manager

The HTC Sync Manager download and Samsung Kies try to do everything: sync appointments, calendar, bookmarks, media, photos, videos and on and on. HTC and Samsung develop a lot of products, which results in not having the best product for some tasks as hardware is their No. 1 priority.

Sync software isn’t simple. Search for HTC Sync Manager not working, Kies alternative and Samsung Smart Switch not working to see millions of results. HTC Sync Manager is available for HTC phones, but it causes more problems like the infamous Samsung Kies and Samsung Smart Switch do.

If you’re an Outlook power user or want one tool to sync all your important information: contacts, calendar, notes and tasks, you’ll want software that does just that. Syncing personal information is different from syncing media. Media sync simply copies the media over from computer to device and vice versa.

Syncing personal information, on the other hand, involves moving multiple bits of information for each entry. Every contact and appointment contains details: names, phone numbers, addresses, contact photo, times, and more. That data needs to transfer to the HTC One M9 and A9’s calendar and contacts built-in fields. However, Kies and the HTC Sync Manager bungle the data as one user shares his experience.

“Using HTC Sync Manager, appointments mysteriously started appearing 24 hours late on my One M9,” writes John J. in his sync Outlook review. “Despite a reinstall of both the phone and Sync Manager the problem persisted. HTC support reported that it is a known problem but without a solution — most unhelpful. Akruto instantly solved the issue and Sync Manager has been deleted for good.”

People buy the HTC One M9 because it’s a powerhouse of a performer and one of the best devices in terms of CPU, storage, and overall performance. It even has an edge over Samsung Galaxy S6. If you opt for Quick Charge 2, you’ll enjoy speedy-quick battery recharging.

Both come with Sense 7, a software overlay that enhances the Android experience. Sense 7 allows you to customize the phone’s theme, wallpaper, clock, icons and more. It also promises less fiddling with settings and fewer button presses.

You can create a mode for work and a mode for play with Sense Home and switch between them. It allows you to access frequently-used work-related apps when you’re on the job. And then when you’re done working, you can switch to play mode to tuck away the work-related apps.

People tend to buy the HTC A9 because they want an iPhone 6S with the brains of an Android. And it’s the first non-Google phone to come with Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Priced like a flagship phone, the A9 doesn’t offer specs you’d expect in a flagship. If you want to look at other options that might get you more for your money, take a gander at the Moto X Pure or Nexus 6P.

Don’t let all of the valuable features in the HTC One that be hampered by poor Outlook sync software that breaks things, messes up your data, or causes disappearing information.

Option 3: HTC Outlook Sync

You can directly sync your private information between your computer and your HTC One using Akruto, Windows Outlook sync software. When you use it to sync Outlook with HTC One M9 and A9, none of it syncs with the cloud.

You won’t have to worry about the service going away because once you buy AkrutoSync, it’s yours for as long as you use it to sync HTC One with Outlook. You can even add other devices if you have more.

Here’s how you’re more productive with Akruto:

  • Automatic: No remembering to push a button.
  • Wireless: No searching for and plugging in a cable.
  • Integrated: Syncs with HTC One A9 and M9’s own calendar and contacts apps.
  • Private: Data syncs directly between computer and devices. Zero cloud.
  • Accurate: Stop worrying about missing or cutoff information.

Akruto has a sync history feature, so it keeps everything including deleted and changed data. You can restore it anytime. It also won’t add any apps to your phone.

People using free tools like Google and HTC Sync Manager end up spending hours trying to fix sync problems. Save yourself the frustration and hours of research and try Outlook sync free for seven days.

“Try many such apps always ending up deleting them, too complex needed wires, clouds etc.,” writes Gary B. in his AkrutoSync review. “This is clean and hassle free and NO CLOUD and simple to use”

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