Keep Your Data with You: Sync HTC One Mini to Outlook

Keep Your Data with You: Sync HTC One Mini to Outlook

If you’re looking for an HTC One that’s smaller and has a more affordable price tag, the HTC One Mini could be the Android phone for you. The Mini looks similar to its big brother complete with the aluminum and plastic frame design. Its size puts it at an advantage over its big brother as it can be used with one hand and fit in smaller pockets and pouches. The droid phone comes in Glacial Silver, Stealth Black and Blue.

How to sync HTC One Mini to Outlook

Sporting a 4.3-inch display, the Mini contains a 720p HD resolution screen, less resolution than the HTC One. Nonetheless, the Mini’s resolution remains ahead of many of its competitors. Such rival phones include Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, Samsung Galaxy S3, Google Nexus 5, HTC One Mini 2 and HTC One.

Be aware that the HTC One Mini doesn’t support SD cards nor does it come with a removable battery. And your only option is a 16 gb phone. On the bright side, if you get the HTC One Mini with an older version of the Android OS, it’ll be upgradeable to v5.0 (Lollipop).

Manage your calendar and contacts with HTC One Mini

As with most Android phones, you can’t sync HTC One Mini with Outlook out-of-the box. Because of this, you may find yourself stuck putting off scheduling appointments until you return to your home or small business computer. It doesn’t have to be this way.

One free option is to use Google calendar and contacts. The problem with this route is that it stores your information in the cloud and it isn’t private. This is unacceptable for professionals especially those who are real estate agents, financial advisors, healthcare providers and attorneys. Furthermore, this process sometimes causes duplicates, fails to sync everything or scrambles the data.

Another option is to use third party software. More on that in a minute.

The HTC One Mini calendar app is HTC’s Sense 5 app. This contains five views: Day, Month, Week, Agenda and Invites. Like in other Sense 5 apps, you can swipe between views using tabs. Calendar supports multiple online calendars including Facebook’s and allows you to control which calendar to show or hide.

If you log into an online address book from the HTC One Mini, you’ll see a list of your contacts in its Contacts app. However, this could be a problem for people who don’t want to save their personal information in the cloud.

As promised, here’s the third party option. Both Calendar and Contacts apps can automatically, directly and seamlessly sync with Outlook for PC through a Windows PC software called AkrutoSync. Moving calendar from desktop Outlook to Android does not store any of your private information to the cloud. “Great app, especially if you would prefer to keep your data local,” writes Kevin K.

Akruto offers Outlook Wi-Fi sync with this Android phone. You won’t need to keep up with cables or remember to connect the phone to your computer for transferring your contacts and calendar to your phone. When people call you to schedule an appointment, you can finally stop telling people, “I’ll get back to you.” Now you can enter your appointments right into your phone wherever you are.

Stay on top of tasks and take notes with HTC One Mini

You probably enter tasks that you do away from your computer. Another benefit of using AkrutoSync is that it works with the HTC Tasks app on the HTC One Mini. You’ll have your reminders and to-dos wherever you go with the HTC One Mini and be able to check them off when you complete them. (Isn’t that a great feeling?)

Using an app similar to Samsung’s SPen, the HTC Note app can take notes. Since this app is proprietary to HTC, it doesn’t work with Akruto. Instead, you could opt for a more powerful notes app to sync Outlook Notes with HTC One Mini.

How to sync Outlook with HTC One Mini

As mentioned before, AkrutoSync can directly sync phone to a home or small business computer running Outlook PC. Customers who had tried other Outlook sync software said that Akruto was the only one that worked. Yes, it can even sync Android with Microsoft Outlook 2003. If you have the latest version, rest assured Akruto can sync Outlook 2013 as well as 2002, 2007 and 2010.

Benefits of using AkrutoSync:

  • Have your Outlook calendar on the HTC One Mini and other compatible devices.
  • Enjoy effortless wireless sync without using the cloud.
  • Transfer Outlook Tasks and Notes between computer and Android.
  • Use the Calendar, Contacts and Tasks apps that comes with the HTC One Mini.
  • Carry your updated Outlook information on unlimited compatible devices FREE.

You have two secure options for Outlook wireless sync: Wi-Fi and Internet. Your wireless network directly transports the data between computer and phone. “I love the immediacy of my updates transferring across between my laptop and my droid,” writes Mike. By the way, if you use the Outlook Wi-Fi sync method, it won’t use your phone’s data plan at all.

To install the Windows PC software, just follow the onscreen prompts or the directions from sync Samsung Galaxy S5 with Outlook. (These work with HTC One Mini.) If you need help with the installation, we offer 24/7 support. You can also have our experts install it for you by opting for the Akruto Gold plan.

It’s important that you can check out how software works for you before you buy it. You can do that. Try Akruto free for seven days. This trial includes the full version, not a lite version or anything with limits.

“After converting from iOS to Android, I have been searching for an easy way to synchronize my Outlook data — I just found it and my satisfaction with Android is now complete!” writes Dave G. And guess what? If you want to get a tablet or replace the HTC with an iPhone, Windows Phone or another Android compatible phone, Akruto will keep on working.

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