User Guide

Backup your Android contacts

Want to back up your Android contacts into a file on your computer? This short guide explains how to back up your phone contacts. We created the 123 Contact Backup app to let you copy or move your contacts into Outlook or another program or to save them as a backup on your computer.

Before creating this app, we looked at existing Android apps that can backup or copy contacts. None of them were quite right. Some copied one contact at a time, instead of creating a full backup. Some produced a backup that could not be directly imported into Outlook and required additional steps to convert the contacts to Outlook format. Some apps asked for outrageous permissions (like access to GPS).

Backing up your Android contacts with 123 Contact Backup app is easy as 123.

Android Contact Backup App

Download our Android app to back up phone contacts from the Google Play store. Start the app and follow the 3 steps to back up your contacts.

1) Select what types of contacts you would like to back up. Most people will want to back up all their contacts, but if you have a reason to exclude some types of contacts, you can do this.

Android Contact Backup Step 1

2) In the options section select the CSV format (to be able to import the backup file into Outlook) and enter the email address you would like the backup to be set to.

Android Contact Backup Step 2

3) Touch the “Backup” button.

Android Contact Backup Step 3

That’s all you need to do to back up your Android contacts.